Thursday, December 04, 2008

Busy week in tech

It's been a big week on both sides of the border. While the CEOs of the Not-So-Big-Anymore-3 domestic automakers were fighting for their very lives on Capitol Hill (nice move ditching the executive jets and driving cars, guys) Canadians watched their federal government essentially implode. Lots of joy to go around...yay us!

In the world of tech, we lost telecom pioneer Ted Rogers (I wrote about it here) and BlackBerry maker RIM made headlines when it pre-announced that its upcoming quarterly results would again fall short of guidance. And because our lives aren't entertaining enough, RIM then announced a hostile takeover bid for Certicom, a wireless encryption firm. I chatted about RIM's prospects with BNN's Michael Kane on his show, Lunch Money. If you're not afraid of seeing me yak on television, click here to see the video.

On the print front, I spoke with the Globe & Mail's Matt Hartley (RIM not alone in hunt for Certicom and RIM focuses on security)and David Friend from the Canadian Press (RIM faces investors after slashing earnings outlook, pushing Certicom deal). The CP's LuAnn LaSalle also chatted with me for a piece on cell phone myths (Cellphones still best for talking, not for cooking eggs or popping popcorn).

What does it all mean? Lots. And I'll probably be sharing more insight on these and other geeky issues in the not-too-distant future. It's what I do!

Speaking of which, if you live in London, I'll be appearing on 'A' Morning tomorrow (Friday) at 7:15 a.m. As part of Tech Talk, I'll be digging into cheap tech gifts for the holiday season.

More soon...


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

this geeky issues as you put it is quite overwhelming but I should link your site to my nephew who would be interested... You are such a busy BEE indeed!

Vodka Mom said...

All this news is very disturbing. My hubs has been out of work for three months, and we are NOT happy people right now. damn.

mo.stoneskin said...

At 7:15 today (Sussex, not London, but hey, that's close enough right?) I should have been on a London-bound train. Instead, I was busy over-sleeping. Ah well, and I would have tuned in too!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to watching your take on the RIM bid. Interesting watching the news roll in this week.

Don't forget to come over when you have time and play along with the Meet & Greet! I'm so thrilled to be hosting at my blog these days.

Have an awesome weekend, Carmi!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It has been busy! Visiting you via the lovely Netchick (yup, she sent me).

Very interested in what's next for RIM, so I'll be back.