Saturday, December 27, 2008

Little man, quiet moment

Deerfield Beach, FL
December 2008
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About this photo: This week's Thematic Photographic theme is holiday. As you make new holiday memories with the folks who matter the most, I hope you'll pop over here and share a few with us. Whatever you're celebrating, please know I wish you only happiness, health and every other form of goodness.
I like to hang back and watch my kids play because I know all too well they won't be kids forever. Although logically I know there's no way I can capture or remember every little moment that comes along, the emotional me still wishes that could be true. So as a means of compensation, I often find myself standing around the perimeter looking in, trying to mentally snapshot the moments that seem to matter most.

This one struck me as soon as I took it. On his worst day, Noah seems to have more energy to spare than a nuclear power plant running full bore. He was born without a play button because he's strictly a fast forward kid. Yet every once in a while, he'll stop for a blink as he figures out his next move. He isn't still for long, so I've got to be ready when these rare moments - like planetary alignments and politician-initiated honesty - occur.

I don't know what was going through his mind as he sat poolside. But whatever it was, I'm sure it was flavored with that curious mixture of happiness and contentment that all eight-year-old boys - indeed, all children - deserve. May he always feel this way at moments like this, and may I always be around to drink it all in.

Your turn: How are you celebrating this holiday season?


Hey it's Amy Benson said...

How sweet! I love your parental prespective :D
What a good dad you are!!
Hope your Christmas was Idylic!

craziequeen said...

We have had a quiet holiday season here at the Palace, Carmi, just the two of us. MB has gone to his parents and I have a couple of days to myself - with the Crazie Party tomorrow! :-)

Can I say that I think that is one of the most beautiful 'child' pictures I have ever seen - so clever of you to catch Noah in one of his rare peaceful moments :-)


Hilary said...

That's just lovely, Carmi. I know you'll remember much about your kidlets' growth and stages, not just because you capture them on camera but because you capture those moments in your heart.

A Gilmore Girls Fan said...

Sweet post and sweet picture. Sure makes me excited to be a parent one day.

kenju said...

You are the BEST daddy!!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with our children and their spouses and grandchildren. It is wonderful to sit and watch them all interact; remembering how it was pre-grandbabies and spouses. Someday you'll be doing that too, Carmi, and you'll have all your wonderful photos to jog your memories!

LTYM said...

What lovely, thoughtful writing. As the mother of two little boys, I can relate to this so much. Hope your holiday is full of great memories.

~j said...

i love how you take the time to appreciate life. this is a great shot.

we've been celebrating the holiday season by spending time together...whether it's shopping, Disneyland or just baking cookies.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent. I love the subtle light. Well done.

Bobkat said...

Wonderful piccie :)

I'm convinced that kids get their boundless energy by drawing it from their parents. That's why folks with kids are so tired out ;) LoL!

Lori said...

This is so sweet. Children are magical, and there is something precious about a little boy and his thoughts. Enjoy this time when all of their problems are small and you can fix them easily with cookies and a hug.

I hope your holidays have been special, Carmi.

Pamela said...

I suggest that he was just treasuring the moment. Kids do that once in awhile. Sometimes they just do a better job of stopping and smelling the roses, even if it seems like a brief interlude from their perpetual motion.

Too bad we couldn't hook them up to generate power, hey?

Mojo said...

My boys just turned 26 and 21 this month. Yep, they grow up before you know it and it happens so fast you simply don't have the time to catalog every single moment. Even if your kids aren't always on fast forward (like mine definitely weren't when they were Noah's age!) the days roll by at an alarming rate. Next thing you know they've become young adults with lives of their own and man I hope I didn't screw up too bad along the way.

Great catch of the moment here. It's not the "typical" holiday photo, and that may be why I like it so well.

You can leave the typical ones to the rest of us for this theme I guess. Like this one:
Thematic Photographic 30: "Holiday" v.2.0 - Acorn Drop

torontopearl said...

What a calming snapshot in every way: Noah at the water's edge,looking down in contemplation; the gentle rippling surface of the blue-green water...

Thanks for taking us to Delray Beach with you, Carmi. :P

I hope that these contemplative, quiet moments can be captured by your family as you head into 2009.

Deana said...

We've celebrated every which way but loose here. Tonight we are hosting games for the kids and my family while they are out of school. But NYE it is quiet time for me and hubby.

I enjoy looking at your Thematic photos and hope to begin participating in the New Year.