Saturday, December 13, 2008

Endings. Beginnings.

Saying goodbye
Laval, QC
May 2008

I choose to look at a sunset from two perspectives. On the one hand, it signifies the end of the day, the closing out of a chapter for everyone who's been living under the sun's light, the beginning of darkness.

But that's the pessimist in me talking.

Like the steps of an escalator that disappear as you get off on your floor, the sun is simply going away so get ready for the next go-around. And there's always another go-around, isn't there? The sun will rise in the morning, and a new chapter will begin for everyone.

In light of all that's happened this week (my wife wrote about it here), I find myself idly wandering through my photo archives, hoping to find photos that remind me of new beginnings and brighter futures.

Your turn: New beginnings. Please discuss.

About this photo: I captured it from my in-laws' balcony. I seem to shoot the same perspective every time I'm there. And every time, I manage to see something different. The picture supports this week's Thematic Photographic theme, bright, and I hope you'll join in by clicking here.


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Carmi. Life is so precious, yet how often we miss that until something happens. I wish that it weren't so.

New beginnings? I usually love them. They tend to be exciting, full of promise, and new adventure. I say that, not having had to ever start over in a hard and difficult way. The bigger problem for me is when the "new" enthusiasm wanes and along with it, my motivation.

I hope that you enjoy and appreciate your life, family, and friends even more. Blessings! :D

mo.stoneskin said...

Hmm, I certainly hadn't spotted the corelation between escalators and sunsets...but when I see a gorgeous sunset I always thank God and think of my wife and little baby.

bobbie said...

I too am sorry for your loss. Losing a friend hurts so much. I know that all too well. At my age, I have a very few left, and no family members my age or older. I wonder how old your friend was. That makes so much difference. At my age it is easier.
Yes, the sun returns, and always will. Thank God for that constant. And thank Him also for the unknown, which can be exciting to contemplate.

magiceye said...

twilight is in a realm of its own.. a continuum.. no beginning no end..

Dale Challener Roe said...

I always see sunsets as the beautiful dawn of a new night.

NetChick sent me today.

kenju said...

Gorgeous photo, Carmi. Naomi has a beautiful sunset series on her blog today, too.

Hilary said...

I'm so sorry for this sad event in your life. The challenge to find some perspective can seem impossible but your beautiful sunset represents exactly that. Wishing your and your family, and his, the strength to cope and heal.

bobbie said...

I hope you are feeling just a little brighter today, Carmi.

I have posted a couple of pictures for the week's theme. You'll find them at:

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on my mood how I look at them. If it was a bad day then for me it seems like a sigh of relief that it is over. If it was an awesome day then I look at it with regret for its ending. On a normal day they are just beautiful to look at and reflect on things.

I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you find healing and comfort in the coming days, weeks, months.

awareness said...

We need to recognize both with love in our hearts...and the courage to express both the sorrow of the endings and the joy of dawn.

What I love about winter solstice is that it symbolizes darkness and light at the same time....we can experience the turning point of a one moment we can say we experienced the longest night of the year and embarked on the days getting longer.
I have posted a piece this morning which ties in with the theme this week....bright. hope it offers you a good laugh Carmi. a bit of a respite.

thinking of you and your family.

Rainbow dreams said...

So sorry to hear about your loss Carmi, I sometimes wonder what it was like before we knew the world was round.. then it must have been scary at sunset..but now we know it is round it gives us reassurance.
There are always new beginnings..
sending thoughts your way,

Neilson Eney said...

I'm sure you're familiar with this quote but it's one of my favorites so I'll go ahead and post it anyway. It's from T.S. Eliot's poem "Little Gidding", part of his Four Quartets.

"What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make and end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from."

Anonymous said...

Was just over at your wife's blog, and I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. It's never a good time to lose a friend, but especially at this time of year, the pain is amplified. Sending hugs to you and yours.