Sunday, December 14, 2008

Caption This 101

Please caption this image
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Laval, QC, August 2008
About this photo: We're exploring bright-themed pictures as part of this week's Thematic Photographic. After you've shared a caption for this photo, I hope you'll click here and dive into TP as well.
Everyone knows that when you begin to learn a new language, you tend to seek out profane and otherwise edgy words first. Swearing in another language is just so much more fun, isn't it? In many cases, that's all that's retained long after everything else has been forgotten.

This isn't a swear word, of course. But anything related to the bathroom makes the learn-first list as well. My kids, who laughed endlessly when they first saw this sign, would doubtless agree. I guess French-language signs pointing to the loo are more exotic than English ones.

Your turn: I thought we'd start off our second century of Caption This with a bit of word play. Can you come up with a witty caption for this photo? For more background on how Caption This works, please click here. Otherwise, hit the Comment link below and share one - or many - of your best suggestions.

About last week's water fountain photo: This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. Mike had asked if he had seen it before: and, yes, he had. Very, very occasionally, I re-post photos that I've previously shared. Although this is a rare thing for me, I do so when I want newer readers of my blog to see some of my favorite work. Hope that's OK.

This week's honorable menschens are the following great folks:
  • Mr. Althouse: "Firewater."
  • MW: "Fluid flight."
  • Robin: "Splash down."
  • Steve: "Streaming media."
  • Pagan Sphinx: "Fire and ice."
  • Awareness: "Captured glance of the waterdance."
  • Barb: "Stream of life."
Steve's "streaming media" takes the cake this week. It appeals to the geek in me, and it also gives me a chance to point you toward one of my favorite, most literate and visual bloggers. Please head over to his home page here and start exploring.


Thumper said...

"That's 'restroom' for all you aristocrats..."

Got here via NetChick this morning. It's still morning, right?

:::checks clock:::

Just barely...

Michael K. Althouse said...

"Misdirected Cupid"

Here via Tanya this time, but I really don't need her encouragement!


Anonymous said...

it is a small toil

Johnny Ondaspot

Wendster said...

no caption, but doesn't it look like a toilet seat, partially up, with a little toilet seat lock on the end?

Like an artistic rendition of a toilet seat in neon. Or argon, as the case may be.

I sure love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Shoot...I was hopin' to win the 100th just for posterity's sake, but if I have to lose? Steve always sets the bar in captioning excellence :)-- congratulations.

For this week's photo? I'll have to think on it a bit...I'll be back!

mw said...

"The second word to learn"

Just thinking of my process of 'diving' into a new culture and place...

:) Nice photo - thanks!

Unknown said...

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!

Why is the sign in neon? It is one of the MOST important places to go!

Hmmm... they spent the money on the sign I wonder if the toilet paper is rough one-ply or sqeezably two-ply "Charmin soft".

That's where the "plop, plop, fizz, fizz" song originated... don't let Alka Seltzer fool you!

One last thing... courtesy flushes are always appreciated. Be sure to tip your bathroom attendent.

spwriter said...

Thanks for such kind words, Carmi. I'll need to think on this new one as well. I'm flush out of great ideas.


And thanks to you, too, Robin. It's the threat of losing to you that brings out my captioning best.

Olyal said...

"Ou est le crapper?... Hasn't got the same ring to it."

I wouldn't recommend going to the beach in your end of the world Carmi. You'll get hypothermia!
Isn't it snowing there?

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I've stopped by too late tonight...I need some sleep to get the grey cells working, but I'll be back! Thanks for chatting just now...I'll definitely try google!
Amazing photographs, by the way!
bella :)

magiceye said...

Learn to aim right!

Leon1234 said...

Great posts!

kenju said...

Did you see my TP, Carmi?

Sara said...

gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, right now

Sara said...

the loo light

torontopearl said...


Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

"Sh*t from a bow!" ;D

(and no i did not mean shot and arrow)

or maybe

"Toil-ette happens!"

sunflowerkat said...

Carmi -

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful comments. You have some really terrific images here. No caption ideas for now...I didn't come prepared to think. I'm going to work backwards here and get familiar with your work.


Wendster said...

... no no no ... point it DOWN please.

Wendster said...

oh wait ... the sign is red ... make that neon ... not argon.

See how my memory is? I'm away from the photograph for ten seconds and already I forget what color it is.


Anne said...

Plop-plop-pizz-pizz oh, what a relief it is.

Where's the sink?

Pamela said...

thats a helluva sign!

Sara said...


Sara said...

we aim to please, you aim too please