Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Waiting to go out to sea

Boynton Beach, FL, December 2007

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I've written recently about my need to spend time beside large bodies of water (here, here and here) so I wont belabor the point. But I did want to share this scene, taken last year, because it adds another dimension to the relaxation parade: night.

As I stood behind these peacefully moored boats, I wondered where they'd be going tomorrow, and I hoped that whoever was at the wheel derived joy from being out there. Before I turned for home, I wished them a safe journey.

Your turn: Where are these boats headed? Where would you take them if you could?


Lynda said...

It's almost time to set out for an early, early fishing trip.

Beverly said...

I would hope they'd be going to warmer waters, LOL.

I would sail to Virginia, if I could, to see my EllaBelle.

Nikita said...

They are going to freedom.
We would go to a place where all there is, is water and all we need, is air.

~j said...

if you asked the hubby, he would tell you that it's lobster season and time for a lobster run.

i'd prefer to just go where the current takes me. no real plans - just time to explore.

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

The Florida keyes to snorkle with Manatees.

The Great Barrier Reef - ewww SHARKS ... no, not there.

Ah, Belize. The Blue hole.

Chartered by ME!

Christmas in Belize - ahhhhhhh, perfection.

Ash said...

I'd sail to Bristol ( thats where my honey lives!!)

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Carmi!

Anonymous said...

along with Captain Highliner, heading out into the Atlantic to get dinner

A Gilmore Girls Fan said...

I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico; lots of boats and beaches. I have to say, I never really appreciated living on the beach until now.

I am now in Northern Arkansas, where there are no beaches. However, there is a ton of beautiful waterfalls, lakes, and rivers.