Wednesday, August 12, 2009

British racing green

Classic lines
Halton Hills, ON, July 2009 [Click o embiggen]

We begin to wind down this week's Thematic Photographic theme, lines, with a parking lot view of one of the prettiest set of lines to emerge from a Bentley studio in, well, ever.

Still, it's sad to see a car like this with such a ridiculously minimum wage wax and detailing job. I was almost tempted to leave a note on the windshield. Almost.

Your turn: Some people live in houses that cost less than this car. Is this a well deserved perk of success or a self indulgent trophy for the hopelessly insecure? I guess I wouldn't be this torn about six-digit vehicles if I actually drove one. What think you?

Coming soon...another Thematic Photographic theme. Later today (Wednesday), at exactly 7:00 p.m. EDT, I'll unveil the launch entry for next week's TP theme. It will be:


Hope you've got some evocative pictures to share for this one.


daisy said...

It is a bit ridiculous to have such a car...but such a pretty car...

Mojo said...

It's a sweet ride to look at, but ... not for nothin'. Not even if I could afford it. Which is easy for me to say since I can't and probably never will. But I'm pretty confident that unless I could find $100,000 worth of value added details I'd stick with my pickup. Well, okay, I'd probably by a newer, more fuel efficient, cleaner running pickup. But still.

For my finale his week, I decided to go au naturel. No, not that kind of au naturel. (That would fit the theme "Curves" much better!) Just a line drawn by nature in all her fearsome power.
Thematic Photographic 61: "Lines" v.7.0 - "Tide Line"

The new theme is a great one! I'm always finding myself coming across abandoned things. In fact, just flipping through my mental index, I can think of several entries already in the archives. And I know somebody else who could have a field day with this theme if she decides to. she finds more abandoned stuff than I do even.

annalarssonphotography said...

Sweet, but way too expensive for me.

I'm looking forward for the new theme Carmi.
If you've seen some of my work you know this will be 'my theme' for sure.


Elisabeth said...

Thank you for posting the new theme (Abandoned) today. Have already decided on my entry. Will be back tomorrow to see your photograph.

momemts in time said...

For me it very much depends on the person owning the car and their attitude. If parked on double yellow lines outside an expensive store by some so called celebrity I have absolutly no sympathy and they must have it taken away from them before they crash it. The local council should seize the car and auction it for charity, but if enjoyed by an engineer who appreciated what went into it, had always wanted one and spent part of his retirement on this ~ well done and perhaps they could not afford the chauffeur to polish the car...

Seriously though we have to question the 'need' for 600bhp / 200+mph cars.

Perhaps the answer is to take a fairly modest power output, say 150bhp, and yes whilst you can buy anything over that power limit you are then required to have a very large (50cm) high viz red 'R' (for Restricted) plate on the front and back, restricted to the nearside lane of any road, cannot overtake any vehicle, have no tax deductions for capital or running expenses, and have to pay a substantial green tax to own the car.

In the UK yesterday £10,000 would have bought you any number of 6+ litre Bentleys up to 25 years old, some with less than 70,000 miles on the clock.

In Cuba old exotica was often powered by old Russian Lada engines, so your gull-wing Mercedes would do about 45 mph...
Now how about a 2 litre Chrysler or Ford diesel engined Ferrari!