Monday, August 24, 2009

Caption This 133

Please caption this image
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Deerfield Beach, FL, January 2007

That's our youngest munchkin, Noah, tearing headlong toward the surf at the only speed he knows. I was trying to get an artsy beach umbrella perspective, and ended up, somewhat accidentally, with his sweet little form in the corner. Even when he's rendered in a tiny scale, he manages to delight anyone who sees him.

(What the hell am I talking about? Head over here for the Thematic Photographic summer extravaganza. Don't delay...fall's coming.)

Your turn: Please come up with a snappy caption for this shot. New to Caption This? Follow this yellow brick link for more info on how this insanity works.

About our last photo of my father-in-law's instrument panel: It's slowly turning into one of my favorite recent pics. There's an order to it that appeals to me. And it reminds me of how much fun I have with my family when we're running errands and doing the everyday things that everyday families do. So without further ado, our latest honorable menschens are:
  • Dana: "Idling away."
  • Melissa: "En-gauge-ing."
  • Robin: "Yes, we're there yet."
SPwriter, aka Steve Parolini, takes it with "Going nowhere fast." He's long been a supporter of Caption This. More importantly, he's an editor who's always been a supporter of anyone who has a literary question. His advice and guidance are legendary. And appreciated. Click here to learn more about him.


Christine Gram said...

"Not your average beach blanket baby"

cute pic!

Jean said...

* Topless!

Lifecruiser said...

Umbrella tell'a

Nice capture. I love seeing kids on the beach, they often have their time of the life there, so enthusiastic!

Thx for stopping by leaving d nice comment :-)

Mojo said...

... mmm...

"A Beach in Lilliput"?
"Epcot Umbrella"?

I got nothin'.

(Except this: Thematic Photographic 63: "Summer" - v.6.0 "How To Fish")

Kids and puppies often seem to have two speeds: Wide Open, and Fast Asleep. My oldest was like this when he was that age too. His kid brother not quite so much. It's a marvel to behold... and remember.

Anonymous said...

Great photo. I would caption this:

Hot Time In The Summertime

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Thanks, Carmi! Caption This is just the thing to jump start the creative juices. And OF COURSE Steve is the winnah--you chose my favorite one!

For now, all I've got is "Shady Proposition" :). I'll be back w/more if I know me...!


Mojo said...

Oh I LIKE Robin's entry. Very cool... of course, it would be... being "shady" and all.

Once more from the cheap seats, I close out the week with one of my favorites.
Thematic Photographic 63: "Summer" - v.7.0 "Rowed Hard and Put Up Wet"

srp said...

The Attack of The 50 Foot Beach Umbrella....

Or if you could discount little white umbrella hat... James and the Giant Beachball.

Pamela said...

Noahs arc

Sara said...

running from the shade

Sara said...

jaded shade

Unknown said...

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spwriter said...

Thanks, Carmi. Always a pleasure to visit Written Inc. and it is icing on the cake to be awarded a Caption This 'title' for one of your intriguing photos.

(And thanks, Robin. You are always very generous and kind, too.)

For this photo? How about...

Going coastal.

Beachside propriety.

A place to shade your son from the eyes.


momemts in time said...

Hi Carmi

Given our summer it can only be:

"Yes darling, but the weather forecast promissed us 5 days of continual rain again"

"Horace was tasking no chances when the forecast said 30C, sunny, a very light breeze, and clear blue skies"

Ever since being a Girl Guide, Gertrude had allways been prepared for the English summer...

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!

"Open Water"

"Beach Baby"

"Beach Canopy"

"Heat Wave"

"UV Protection"
"Sun Block"

Steve's Caption from last week was my favourite one too!

Pamela said...

I should have said Noah's technicolor arc. (: