Friday, August 07, 2009

A line need not be straight

Laval, QC, July 2009 [Click to enlarge]

There's no rule that a line must be straight. Indeed, in the world of self expression, I suppose there are no rules at all.

Remind me to remind myself of this the next time I've got to create something from nothing and find myself blocked. Sometimes, the straightest path to success lies in taking the unseen curve.

Your turn: For more Thematic Photographic linear madness, click here. Otherwise, please tell me something about the person who would have penned this lovely piece of rolling art.

One more thing: I was back in studio this morning. This time out, I did a live interview with CBC Newsworld's Jackie Perrin about the emergency meetings held in Ottawa today to discuss the Nortel bankruptcy. I can't find the video online (yet), but dug up a radio hit I did with CBC Radio Otttawa's Amanda Pfeffer a couple of weeks back. Here's the link to the audio stream.


Anonymous said...

That is excellent. Lines are everywhere :)

Mojo said...

Is that that yellow Testarossa? sweet car.

The lines needn't necessarily be all that sharp either. Occasionally, they get blurred. And sometimes that's not a bad thing.

Thematic Photographic 61: "Lines" v.3.0 - "Blurring the Lines"

kenju said...

Anna will love this one!!

David Edward said...

i posted some curvy line photos
- I am living almost too much to blog about it, is that alright? I guess so

Cloudia said...

Of course the is a rule that rulers must be more or less straight.
Lines in general?
Vive La Difference!

Miss you from da Sprial. Busy Guy.
Aloha & Shalom to ALL-

Comfort Spiral