Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fenced in

Wooden you like to remember?
London, ON, October 2007

Time is the friend of the few. It takes its toll, slowly and inevitably, until all that's left for anyone who takes the time to look in is a faded shadow of what once was.

The joy in exploring places like this lies in imagining what they might have been like before all this happened. I suspect this was quite the vibrant neighborhood before the kids grew up, moved on and left an older generation to preside over the increasingly quiet neighborhood.

Your turn: Go ahead...tell the story of this place.

About this photo: It's been abandoned week as Thematic Photographic celebrates things that have seen their better days. We're still taking submissions here, and will be launching a new theme tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7:00 p.m. EDT. It will be:


Now that some parts of the northern hemisphere are experiencing seasonal conditions, I wanted to pay homage to the season that might be.


kenju said...

Railings and porches. I grew up in homes that had porches and railings, and I miss them. You could sit on the porch and see all your neighbors and half the rest of the world walk by; some stopping to talk for a while. I think the world is infinitely sorrier place since front porches went away and back decks took hold.

Mojo said...

Kenju makes a compelling point I think. And there are whole subdivisions coming up around here now they're calling "sidewalk communities". With front porches. Don't know how well it's working out though.

I have one more offering for the current theme, and a whole host of summer themed works (thanks in part to Robin's "Summer Stock Sunday" at Around the Island). So I'll definitely be prepared for the next one!

Thematic Photographic 62: "Abandoned" v.7.0 - "Abandoned and Unknown"

Anonymous said...

Excellent photo. It depicts a dying part of the houses being built now days and the difference the neighborhoods are taking. It makes you yearn yesteryear and the simple times of life. We built our house 10 years ago and had a small porch built and when the city came for the inspection we had to add a small board between each slat as the width between posts was to big and a kid could stick his/her head through it. Oh the joys of yesteryear.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

Heads popping round the corner, as first one then another child peeked out to see if the neighbours were up and out.
Were they the first this morning?
Who would be on the tree swing today?
Were the bikes out on the street yet?
Is Mrs Blaeney shelling her peas on the porch in her chair? Or is she still sweeping the hallway?
Could I be the first to run down to the pathway and wairt for the post today......