Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A baby no more

The end of a good year
London, ON, July 2009 [Click all images to enlarge]

This is the last picture I took of Noah before he turned 9. His eighth year was every bit as good to him as his previous years have been, and he ended it as he started it: With his usual sense of contended happiness that makes him a joy to be around.

As I hovered over him in his darkened room and took another in a seemingly endless series of sleeping-munchkin pictures (see here and here for earlier sleep pics), I realized how quickly time is slipping by. He was, after all, just born, and it seems impossible to realize he's on the threshold of double digits. And as our youngest child, his milestones seem to come with their own little bit of sting because every one is the "last" of something. He's the one who, by virtue of his role as the baby, closes the door on each successive chapter in our family's life.

And what a book he's already writing for us.

Your turn: My wife wrote about his birthday far more eloquently than I ever could (link). If you haven't already done so, I hope you'll visit her and share a wish for Noah's next year.

About these photos: There is indeed a laundry connection, as he's covered by his beloved Pooh blankie, just as he was when we first brought him home from the hospital. As we wind down last week's laundry theme (click here if you'd like to share a pic) we look forward to the next Thematic Photographic theme - which goes live on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. EDT. It will be...
Start your thinking caps thinking...


kenju said...

I remember his birthday last year! HOpe this one is as good to you, Noah.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos of Noah. And a great commentary. :)

Jean said...

I too have this habit of taking pictures of my son while he's asleep. Like you said, that is perhaps the only time when the picture doesn't look 'shaken and stirred' and also there is such an innocence and trust and calmness in their face that we cannot let that moment go by without capturing it!

hahamommy said...

Asleep is when Hayden is most receptive to my photography ;)

And just a nit-picky note (because it's my World's Biggest Pet Peeve): On your son's last day as an 8 year old, is, indeed, the last day of his 9th year (we get the number at the END of the year, not the beginning). Sorry to jump you ahead to his 10th year (which begins on our 9th birthday), alas here he is!

Mojo said...

I never really thought about the youngest "closing the door" on each chapter (brilliant way of putting it) but yeah... last first day of school, last first bike ride, last first... everything really.

Now if they could only learn to shut the door to the house when they go out, yeah?

Great photos Carmi... and I'm already liking the "Lines" idea. Lots of possibilities there.

Mark said...

Reminds me of a book that is all about "lasts." It's a mother telling her young son how she would have held on a little longer, taken more pictures, etc., had she known they would have been the last of each.

This is a great narrative of how it feels to watch your tiny one grow up to be un-tiny. I can't believe my son turned six in July.

PastormacsAnn said...

Awww, what a sweet couple of photos of your baby. And he'll always will be your baby no matter how big he gets.

"He's the one who, by virtue of his role as the baby, closes the door on each successive chapter in our family's life."

So lovely Carmi. Such a wonderful way you have with words.