Friday, August 28, 2009

Big scoop (x2)

Lick this
Komoka, ON, August 2009

Is there any memory that looms larger in a child's mind than that of an ice cream cone? Maybe I'm odd (wait, I AM odd, but that's a story for another day) but some of my most vivid recollections of childhood revolve in some way around this most inconvenient, not-always-healthy confection.

Messiness aside, if this ostensibly small, perceptively huge snack creates a smile along the way, it can't be a bad thing, right?

Your turn: What's the appeal of ice cream?

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Steph said...

What's the appeal of ice cream?! Why do we love it so much? Because it's simply God's work! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great shot for this theme. Excellent. I think we like it cuz it's easy to eat messy and gives us brain farts. LOL

Canadian Mark said...

1/2 cup of the average ice cream contains between a quarter and half of one's allotment of recommended daily fat intake and a whopping ten to fifteen grams of sugars. Given all that, it's no wonder it tastes so good.

That's the appeal. ;-)

Mojo said...

I don't know about anybody else, but the appeal of ice cream to me is that we only rarely got it when we were kids. Not the real-deal ice cream anyway. For reasons that may have been health related or (more likely) budget related the only thing we kept in the house was ice milk (bleah), which I haven't even seen in years (and good riddance). The lower fat version was probably to compensate for all that Spam we ate (yeah, Spam... bleah). Or maybe it was cheaper. In later years when it became the rage, we converted to frozen yogurt, which was marginally better. But when I was very young the only real-deal ice cream we got was when we went out for it. Which was -- as you might surmise -- a pretty rare occasion. And my kid brother and I never quite figured out (then) why the ice cream we got at the ice cream bar was so much better than the stuff we ate at home. So when it came time to buy my own, there was never a thought of using a substitute. Because there is no substitute. And it's still a weakness of mine (the evidence of which grows more apparent with each passing year).

And keeping to the "Summer" sub theme for today (albeit tangentially) I bring you another staple of summertime... the beach store. You know the place. Lots of tacky towels and t-shirts and souvenir shot glasses all in a row behind garish neon signs. And in this case, one very big fake fish.

Thematic Photographic 63: "Big" v.3.0 - "Big Schlock"

~JarieLyn~ said...

When I was a kid, the best place to get ice cream was at thrifty drugstore. I'd always get the triple scoop. I think the appeal for me back then were the colorful choices and that the ice cream scoop wasn't round like every other ice cream shop. It was like a square circle scoop. Well, if you've ever had a thrifty ice cream you know what I mean.

And of course, the rainbow sherbert between two scoops of chocolate just tasted so yummy.

Cloudia said...

Sweet, cold and available!
Yielding to the tongue, cheering the child in us all.


Comfort Spiral

Pamela said...

Yes -- ice cream cones haunt my memory. I was a very small child and would sit with my siblings in the car with dad while mom grocery shopped. There was a little teeny ice cream place (Tasty Freeze?) that was adjacent the parking lot. I would watch the other people stop and enjoy a soft serve cone. But we never got to do that -- at least I don't remember ever having that treat. It was tough growing up in a household with a limited income. But we never considered ourselves poor.

invisible said...

I have always said: "The best thing about being a grownup, is you can have an ice ceam cone for an appetizer."

me said...

Ice cream proves "parentness".

I occasionally work from home and will say to my 4 year old, “how about ice cream for breakfast!” sometimes he says yes and other times…he says NO. Can you freakin believe it? NO? would you like to know what this freak of nature wants MORE THAN ICE CREAM at times?

Peas…that’s right. I have failed as a mother because on occasion my boy wants peas for breakfast and not ice cream.

Where did I go wrong?