Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caption This 134

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Toronto, ON, May 2008
About this photo: It's Thematic Photographic's big week, and we're sharing big-themed pictures all week long. Click here to share your own outsized views of the world.
Toronto is a neat place, and it gets even neater the closer you get to the water. As the city continues to figure out what its waterfront neighborhoods should look like, fascinating juxtapositions between everyday life and a working Great Lakes port make for fun photography. Have fun with this one.

Your turn: Got a snappy caption for this photo? Click the comment link and share it. (Instructions here.) That's all there is to it. I'll announce the grand victor next week. And speaking of victors...

About last week's photo of our son skittering across the beach: I think the little man will be pedal to the metal well into adulthood. As the planet looks for new sources of energy, I'd like to suggest him, as he seems to manufacture it just by being himself. He's a true delight, and your captions suggested the very same thing. This week's honorable menschens go to:
  • Robin: "Shady proposition." (Along with wishes for her daughter's fast and full recovery from oral surgery.)
  • SRP: "James and the Giant Beachball."
  • Stephen: "Going coastal."
Pamela wins it with "Noah's arc." Her blog, The Dust Will Wait, is a remarkably rich window into the life of a wife and grandmother who chooses to look more closely at the world than most. It's a vision I'm sure you'll enjoy.


Mike Wood said...

"Don't launch the lifeboat at Loblaws" :)

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I can't think of a caption (I'm not very good at it anyway), but this picture reminds me of my Dad... He went to the Isle of Man by boat yesterday for a few days and the seas were pretty rough!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

P.S. - Tanya (aka NetChick) sent me to say Hello! :)

invisible said...

If you are trying to tell us that picture has not been photoshopped. You're full of ship.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine:

"Stop. Lake Shore Blvd.? Captain, I don't think we are in Kansas any more?"

dave said...

"If you had the left turn beacon on, then raise the finger flags"!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!

"Ship Shape"

"Triple Decker"

"Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore"

"Whatever Floats Your Boat"


Pamela said...

Big Berth-a

Mojo said...

"I knew I shoulda made that left turn at Albuquerque."

I didn't go big in size this time, just in price per pound.

Barbara said...

I love water front photos! Big surprise, huh? For this one I call it "Captains' cul de sac"

Anne said...

promenade deck

momemts in time said...

"Another ship runs the red light".

"...and we also have a broken down containmer ship causing serious delays on Lake Shore Boulevard East"

The helmsman misheard the captin ordering "hard a port"

"American drivers!"

"That's the last time I rely on my satnav"

"Dad is that one of those amphibious vehicles ...or just a boat on a very long lorry"