Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you Yahoo? I do!

The journalistic adventure continues. I've begun publishing with Yahoo! Canada (pause, breathe...this is just too neat for words!) and my first piece - Can RIM survive the Apple onslaught? - went live earlier this afternoon.

I'll be pitching and writing tech-business pieces for their tech and finance sections. If you're already on my source radar, I'll forewarn you that you'll be hearing from me more often. If you're not already on my source radar and you want to be, don't be shy: I need a large supply of smart, opinionated folks to keep the article pipeline both filled and moving forward.

Your turn: I'm always on the lookout for tech ideas that folks want to read about. Feel free to leave 'em in a comment, e-mail (carmilevy AT gmail DOT com) or even a tweet (@carmilevy).


From Tracie said...

Congrats on the new gig!

I read your article and I have to say there is some rebellious part of me that resists Apple just because of it's popularity. I know that doesn't change your analysis, but I just had to share.

becca said...

congrats on the new job..

Anonymous said...

With a college freshman this year and another one next year, I'd be interested in reading about what tech stuff students truly need to go to school.

In that vein, my future college freshman is probably the only kid at his high school without a cell phone. No interest in having one on his part. (When he needs to call, he just borrows one from someone else.) He had one for a month, never turned it on, never used it. So what do I do when it is time to send him off to college? (Okay, this is probably not a problem that most people have, but perhaps you could address it when you're bored...)

~Buff said...

Congratulations Carmi! You seem to be having a run of good things on the go. I am amazed at your ability to get to everything.

I am an engineer (civil/environmental) and I think techy things are fun. But we often don't talk about the aesthetics that go along with design. I know, not something usually associated with engineers, mostly because the goal is usually to achieve the lowest cost. My personal belief is that things don't have to be ugly! One of Apple's great advantages is that they produce beautiful objects, and objects intended to produce beautiful images and workspaces.