Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pools of light

Apologies for being so brief. It's been an eventful weekend in our daughter's life - she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah yesterday - and we're still hanging with friends and family, enjoying the rest of the long weekend with those who've had a part in her growing into the accomplished young lady that she is now.

It's also Thanksgiving here in Canada, and looking at my house tonight, filled with good people and good spirit, it dawns on me that we have many reasons to be thankful.

I took this picture earlier this evening. I had walked to the store to get some milk. An ordinary moment at the end an extraordinary day. I thought it was the kind of scene that Dahlia would appreciate, the kind of moody landscape that's all too often overlooked in the rush to complete errands and get home.

Our daughter's growing into a centred, grounded, confident person who doesn't miss details like this. She appreciates the small stuff, cares for those who can't care for themselves, and seems to convert stress into utter confidence. I'm already learning much from her.

More soon.

Your turn: Why are life milestones so important to us?


Jeremiah Andrews said...

Every milestone on the path of life is a reference point to look back, to sit and stay for a moment and to look forwards. Milestones are important because they tell us that we are actually going somewhere.

In sobriety, milestones are important to mark progress forwards every year that progress changes and it is evident and good to mark those milestones every year. Mine is December 9th.

Mazel tov to Dahlia on her special day.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Milestones for me are important not only to remember what has happened but also to learn from it...It helps us grow and also changes our way of thinking...Milestones can also enhance our emotions... June 8 is a huge one for me and my kids... that's the night their Dad was killed..Since that date I've had several other dates- not just death, but the house I bought by myself, second love of my life and others....

becca said...

milestones to me are important because they allow me to be thankful for the time i have been given and to remind me that the long journey and the will to fight is so worth it.
to you and your family i wish you a happy thanksgiving :)

Tabor said...

I think milestones are important because they connect us to the bigger picture of society. They give us a commonality with humanity. We are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I love those circles of light on the pavement.

Congratulations to your daughter and to all of you on this special day!

Karen Sather said...

I believe milestones are and will always be a part of who we are, where we've been and the breaks within our time here on earth, giving us yet another step forward. On another note, I took notice to my calendar saying Canada celebrates Thanksgiving today...which where I live on this day is Columbus Day...and another sad moment for mankind (on places like Facebook) drudging up people's past mistakes (CC) in this case, (racism) and putting all that horrible PAST stuff to be reinforced into our life today....I am wishing we could all just move forward, (LIKE WITH MILESTONES) with goodness, forgiveness and compassion.....and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Aunt Snow said...

Lovely photo. Very serene. Congratulations to your daughter. What a wonderful milestone, growing up.