Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Don't invade my privacy

Canada is fairly privileged to have a Privacy Commissioner who walks the walk. Her name's Jennifer Stoddard, and she's spearheaded a range of high-profile initiatives designed to protect our privacy and confidentiality in an age when data is so easily compromised.

If you're not already familiar with her work, she was the one who doggedly pursued Facebook and forced the social media giant to rein in its initially chaotic privacy policies and tools. Because of her, Facebook has improved how it handles confidential data not only in Canada, but around the world.

Stoddard has a global reputation, and she's not resting on her laurels: Her office just released a report that highlights how government agencies are dropping the ball on privacy. I spoke with CTV News Channel's Sandie Rinaldo this afternoon (interview video here, CTV's full story page here) about what it means for the rest of us, and how we can take steps to protect our data on computers and mobile devices.

Your turn: Ever had private information go where it shouldn't have?

One more thing: I also spoke with the Canadian Press about Rogers purchasing Atria Networks for $425 million. Story (this one's from the Lethbridge (AB) Herald) is here.


becca said...

yep from my mother's lips to my younger brothers ears then from their ears to their lips and everyone else's ears..such is my life

Kalei's Best Friend said...

A bit different than your post. My identity was stolen via the card readers at the cash register... U know how they offer a credit line if u sign up and put your info on their card reader? NEVER AGAIN will I ever sign up for a credit line at a store...

SY said...

I knew someone that, that knew someone, that received a virus via facebook advertising.. slightly unrelated but it wouldn't have happened if her info was more protected

Karen Sather said...

great video, informative and interesting and as for our old anything computer related, if it's not being used it's all still here in the handy XXXXXXX! even when you think something is cleaned/removed you discover oops.....! for myself all my secrets/codes are in my head, and I pretty much have given up doing much banking and etc on-line, and have gone back to snail mail since I've had issues with our land line company and Sprint....and hubby does his stuff at his private work office...so far so good here...but there are very intelligent crafty villians ready to grab what they can!Last week on the news they showed how people will snap pictures while you're pumping gas and putting in codes....hard to believe but it happens!

S said...

0migosh! I have sent so much personal info to India in order to sponsor a friend to visit the US. I was sweating just a bit but for I knew I could trust my friend.
But in the end he was denied, and I asked him to shred the information. Shred?
Madam, it has taken me two hours to tear each document into 1000's of pieces! I didnt realize there was no paper shredder in his entire village.
But those papers were destroyed. I feel lucky that nothing bad has ever happened.

Hi Carmi, and Mrs Carmi and Little Miss Carmi!

Shirley said...

I know someone whose purse was stolen at work and the thieves took out credit in her name and numerous other fraudulent dealings. It's a terrible thing to have happen to anyone and it takes months to sort it out, if you are lucky.