Friday, February 04, 2011

Going nowhere

Won't wait for the auto club
Deerfield Beach, FL, December 2010
About this photo: Thematic's "singles" week hits full stride with this look at a singularly depressing moment in the life of a singularly depressing car. Click here to share your own singles-themed moment: All the cool kids are doing it.
This isn't a particularly memorable car, a second-generation Mercury Sable (92 to 95, if memory serves) that hasn't weathered the years with much grace. From the looks of things on this not-altogether-warm-and-sunny afternoon, today wasn't a good day for either the car or its mobile-challenged owner.

I doubt this gentleman will ever know that a complete stranger used a long-ish lens to reach across the parking lot to capture the moment. Perhaps it's just as well. Some quiet struggles almost beg to be shared anonymously*.

Your turn: What's he thinking?


Chanel said...

He's thinking that his poor little car might not look like much, but it's been through a lot with him. He's thinking about when it helped drive his wife to the hospital when she went into labor with their first kid. He's thinking of all the times he drove his family to the park to play in it. The road trips. He's thinking that he'll hold onto his car for as long as he can because it's got more sentimental value than any new shiny car could ever hope to gain.

21 Wits said...

Oh please just let it be the battery, I promise to fix that quarter panel too if only you'll run just a little bit longer! Oh yeah and I hope nobody sees me doing

Max Sartin said...

Well, if it were me I'd be thinking things that I won't post here. But my guess would be along the lines "Just get me home and I'll fix you up good as new."

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

"oh what!? i wonder if i can return all the frozen food i just spent a fortune on??!! i think i might be here a while."

poor guy. i can relate.

SY said...

He's looking for another door to open.

wow that was lame

darlin said...

He's thinking that it's minor, nothing he can't fix. It looks like he knows what he's doing under his hood, he must be used to this to have his trunk open and is ready for these types of moments so it's not really a big deal to him. He wasn't in any big rush anyways.