Thursday, February 03, 2011

At the water's edge

Depth of field
Deerfield Beach, FL, December 2010

I couldn't resist tossing in one last curvy shot before we introduce our next Thematic theme, singles, at 7 o'clock Eastern tonight.

This particular place is an important one to our kids, a place they've come to every year for a good chunk of their lives, a place mere steps from their grandparents' winter home, a place where they can simply be kids without worrying about studying or schedules.

This particular afternoon wasn't any different than any other. Small groups of people sat around on deck chairs, chatting about the weather, their grandkids, their grandparents, their neighbors, and whatever else came to mind. Different ages shared the space, easily enjoying their own slice of a very pleasant afternoon. No one seemed to ever want to leave.

I closed my eyes and just listened to the overlapping snippets reflecting across the water. It felt warm, friendly, good. Weeks after we returned home to the inevitable studying and schedules of the typical modern family, I look at this picture, close my eyes and once again hear that sound. It feels just as warm, friendly and good now as it did then.

As vivid as this feels to me, however, I'm willing to bet our kids remember this place even more richly than I ever could.

Your turn: Can a photo bring you back to a memorable time and place? How?

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21 Wits said...

Yes they can, sometimes too many too often, but almost always for the good times of things, places and loved ones....and okay yes the ones taken just to be shot!