Sunday, September 04, 2011

People watcher

A typical Masonville afternoon
London, ON, July 2011
About this photo: It's still shopping week - till tomorrow, anyway - and you're invited to share your own here. What's our next theme? How does white grab you? More details tomorrow...
As we often do when we run errands as a family, we split up to cover more ground in less time and, more importantly, to give our kids a little more "alone time" with each of us. Divide and conquer doesn't only apply in war and business, apparently, as parents like us have learned it's a great way to keep things balanced when you'd otherwise be outnumbered or outgunned.

So on this sunny afternoon filled with things to do and not enough time to do them, the gents went one way and the ladies went the other. Noah and I had a little extra time when we were all done, so we decided to hang out in the atrium and take it all in. My mom did this with me, in malls much like this one, a generation ago, and now it was my turn to hang back and watch him watch the world around him.

When he asked if he could go downstairs for a bit, I hesitated a bit before nodding my head. He's still our baby, and allowing him to go off on his own still gives me pause. Perhaps I've become a modern-era paranoid parent, but I worry. Still, it was only downstairs, and I'd see him the entire time. So off he went. And out came my camera, because something told me this image of our no-longer-small son beginning to explore the decidedly large world around him was something I wanted us to remember.

Your turn: When is it time to let go?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Do we ever truly let go??? lol... I think we do for the most part, but darn it, you know as parents we never let go, we always seem to keep an eye out and that's how it should be!. :-)

MorahMommy said...

I never plan on letting go! They will always be our babies no matter how big or old they get!


Alexia said...

I'm still keeping an eye out - on my daughter (30) and my son (32). Admittedly the latter is from a fair distance (Barcelona - NZ), but you never ever stop worrying about them.

As MM says, they're still our babies. Even when one has babies of her own! :)

Trudi said...

I never stop watching out for my son either...he's 27!

ATrainToNowhere said...

Parents will always watch over their children, the smart ones will appreciate it. And nowadays there is the proverbial "leash" that is the cell phone.

Unknown said...

A good idea then and now, Carmi! When I see careless parents in the mall, I am appreciative of how magnificent my parents were with us!