Thursday, September 08, 2011

The woman with no face

London, ON
August 2011
About this photo: It's Thematic's white week. What's Thematic? What's white? Click here for more.
Don't ever say that modern-day advertising can't be completely bizarre. When every available square inch of retail and online space is used up by advertisers screaming for your attention, it's a given that the messages will, over time, become increasingly loud, obnoxious, and just plain weird. Advertisers that stick to normal and sedate risk getting lost in the mix.

Which is my only way of explaining this one. I came across it at the mall (the very bottom of the billboard actually crept into this recently posted pic.) I'm guessing it's Sony's way of saying people who buy Vaio computers stand out from the crowd. Because, as we know, a colorful case makes all computers better.

Hang on while I ponder the message inherent in my oh-so-sober-silver laptop. I guess I'm not cool enough to be in a Sony ad. Manyana.

Your turn: Perhaps this is a bit of an oversimplification, but does advertising work on you? Why/why not?


young-eclectic-encounters said...

Sure does! and you are right ordinary doesn't work anymore; it has to scream at you. However even if I check out a product, but that doesn't mean I will buy it. Spashy ads may get my attention but I don't buy on a whim. Except at the checkout out counter, Those displays are deadly for my budget and at times my diet.
Johnina :D

21 Wits said...

I kind of get hooked on those odd creatures of advertising, my daughter has tons of clippings, never know when you need one for a project you know...but at the same time are they making fun of those who feel the importance of always having their shoes match?

Kalei's Best Friend said...

To a point it does.. that photo alone makes one look twice, right? the color, attractive woman... yes the right marketing and brand does help. When I was younger I would be swept up in the ads/marketing of a product.. Now I am more logical and can see thru the ad, photoshopping, etc. Age/experience does wonders doesn't it?

H said...

I appreciate advertisers that make me think and catch my attention with something like this. It's better than the ones that actually scream at you with loud obnoxious spokespeople. Does it work? I'm not usually buying but I might talk to someone about it.