Monday, September 26, 2011

They were vegetables once

London, ON, July 2011

I thought it made sense to end off this week's celebration of all things vegetable with a somewhat off-center look at what a vegetable is - or can be. I know the onion rings pictured here are horridly bad for you, and have had virtually all of their Mother Nature-gifted goodness sucked out of them by the deep fryer. But as a very occasional treat and still life subject, I'm thinking they're just barely acceptable.

Besides, that checkered-placemat-in-a-tray is too retro for words.

Your turn: When good foods go bad. Please discuss.

One more thing: Our new Thematic theme - "It's in the details" - launches tonight at 7:00 Eastern. Hope you'll join us for that, too.


tiff said...

You should come to the NC state fair some year. There's deep-fried everything, including (I believe), BUTTER.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Yep. Fries and onion rings are bad regular dietary items.

But SO tasty!

darlin said...

Deep fried zucchini, sooooo delicious but totally not healthy. To justify, low fat ranch to dip them in.

Have a great day Carmi!

Somewhere round about said...

there was the glorious loaf of bread left in our kitchen cupboard while we went on holiday....

ever seen the faint billowing tendrils of long stranded mould, swaying as a cupboard door opens.............?!

that was very good food...gone very bad....but strangly enough very beautiful as well...