Friday, September 30, 2011

Wearing the cone of shame

I'm not happy
London, ON, September 2011

The charmed life of our dog added another chapter this week. Nothing major - well, nothing beyond the usual - but when you're a dog, there's no easy way to tell the difference. Furry man must have gotten a bug bite on his paw, as he's been licking the same spot for days. You can probably tell where this ended up: the spot became irritated, and the vet recommended a cone of shame to prevent him from further irritating himself. He'll keep it on until it heals.

As you might imagine, Frasier is not a happy camper. He stares at us with a sad look in his already sad-looking eyes. He's moping around the house. He can barely get his now-outsized head into his food and water bowls. He bumps into things. He gets stuck. He cries.

By my estimate, he's been in this contraption for about three hours. It's going to be a long stretch for us all.

Your turn: Any ideas on how we can cheer him up?


young-eclectic-encounters said...

I really don't think there is a way to cheer him up. Everyone just needs to deal with it until he gets better. Somewhere on my blog is a picture of Felicity, my Akita with a cone of shame. She looks very sad. The cone of shame on a 100# Akita is HUGE even gettin through doorways presents a challenge. Have fun

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Found the post on Felicity and her cone of shame
Maybe it will make you feel better about you dogs predicament

Alexia said...

Oh my dog knows EXACTLY how Frasier feels! When he was wearing his cone of shame (irritated patch between his toes which he made into a raging infection by constant licking) he kept getting stuck in his kennel and someone had to help him manouevre out.

lissa said...

I think the only way to cheer him up is to remove it which is not an option. I know Theo hated when he had to wear his, and the guilt we felt was immeasurable! Keep letting him know you love him and he'll feel a little better. (He does look so sad and pathetic in that photo, though...give him hugs and kisses from us too!)

Dawn said...

Oh No! Poor little guy. It's hard to be parent/pet owner when they don't understand what things are for. Although...he does look pretty cute there;)

Snaggle Tooth said...

I believe extra doggy treats are in order! Poor baby, nothing like a bad itch you can't reach to scratch!