Monday, November 12, 2012

Always start with dessert

Let them eat cake
London, ON
September 2012

As we wind down our what's for dinner theme (click here if you'd like to drop something into the photographic hopper*), I want to remind y'all of one simple truth: dessert is meant to be eaten first. That way, if you fill yourself up before you've cleared the table, you haven't missed the best part of the meal.

I've subscribed to this notion for my entire life and in doing so drove my mother insane when I was a kid. She asked friends and even our paediatrician whether I was causing myself harm. His answer: "It all gets mixed up in there, anyway."

G-d bless you, Dr. Weiner!

Your turn: Have you ever eaten dessert first? What kind of reaction did you get?

* One more thing: New Thematic theme, Windows, launches tonight at 7 o'clock Eastern.

1 comment:

Tabor said...

this works...IF proportions are carefully balanced AND you eat everything. I am such a mensch, I know.