Thursday, November 22, 2012

Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign.

I see these bumper stickers every once in a while. They're usually on an old pickup, an old Ford Tempo or an old Chrysler Neon. Common factor: old.

Never mind that the concept of "domestic" or "foreign" no longer really exists. That the globalized automotive supply chain can mean a vehicle assembled just outside Detroit has a lower level of domestic content than one put together in Mexico. And never mind that this car was made in Sweden.

I was tempted to knock on the window and point that little factoid out. But I figured the passive-aggressive route - surreptitiously grab a pic and then blog about it in my typically self-righteous tone - was preferable. In any case, this was just too funny not to share.

Your turn: Thoughts?

For more Thematic rectangular - because what's more rectangular than a box-that-it-came-in old Volvo? - please click here.


Random Forgotten Blog said...

In these cases I always ask the following questions:

1) where was your tv at home made? your other appliances? your video game console or dvd player? your laptop or mp3 player?
2) where was your food grown?
3) where was your clothing made?

all of these questions result in the same answer, unless someone is REALLY good at buying local.

Lisa Shafer said...

Much better to blog about it. :)

CorvusCorax12 said...

yea , Blog about it and share with us ;)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

So funny that the sticker was on a Volvo in Canada!

My personal favorite was a "Don't Supersize ______ [insert name of county]... which was on the back of a Suburban SUV owned by a family of three.