Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Writing through the darkness

We interrupt this blog for a quick level-set. Janice is a friend of mine, someone who I got to know through my adventures as a media whore tech journalist. She builds the graphics that pace the news here in our burg, and I annoy her to no end every time I come into the TV station for an interview.

So the neat thing is that she writes a blog, My Place In The World - which you should bookmark/favorite and read. Often. The not-so-neat thing is that her dad had a heart attack this week. She wrote about it here.

Her news woke me up to my own father's journey through the murky world of cardiac illness. And how writing about it seems to help those of us standing around the hospital bed navigate the uncertainty. Stringing words helped me find my way through some very frightening, dark times - in fact, it was what pushed me back into writing in the first place. I have every hope the same thing is playing out in this case, too.


Janice said...

Thanks so much Carmi. It's times like these that make you realize the amazing people you are surrounded by. You included :)

21 Wits said...

Oh absolutely. I wasn't as lucky, my father so very unexpectedly had his heart-attack at 3:15 in the afternoon, while I was at work, nearly over an hour away. All of our close immediate family, (even my husband got our children there)in time and while I was fighting mercifully through the most horrid of Minneapolis rush hour traffic my daddy slipped away. Yes, we often don't relish hearing or reading these bitter moments, but there is a private club (created in heaven I'm sure) that brings all of us and our stories together to ease the pain and soften our memories. It is most wonderful to feel love, and keep it burning.