Tuesday, November 27, 2012

O'Hare - bird's eye view

You'll need a map
Chicago, IL
May 2012
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If I'm being brutally honest with myself, this picture is far from my best work. Very far. On so many technical levels - light, clarity, composition - it fails every bar I set for myself when I shoot and edit. Yet I kept coming back to it in my set from my Shanghai trip, because it somehow told the story of this place better than any picture I took on my long flights home.

Aside from using satellite mapping - Bing Maps, of course - you rarely get the opportunity to see virtually all of an airport's land mass. It really opens your eyes as to how remarkable these facilities are, and how lucky we are to encounter them every once in a while. I can't wait to return.

Your turn: It's been a while since we played the "first three words" game, and I realize I miss it. So let's dive back in, shall we? What are the first three words that come to mind when you initially see this pic? Don't overthink it - be visceral! Now...go!