Thursday, November 08, 2012

Please don't feed the animals

Someone to share with me
Colborne, ON
August 2012
Thematic. What's for dinner? Here.

We'll set aside the debate about petting zoos - or zoos in general - for another day, because the last thing the world needs right about now is another raging argument between polarized people. It's been a bruising period in my city, province, nation and nation next door, so I'd like to set it all aside for a bit and simply appreciate a moment our kids got to have a few months ago.

We were on a long drive home to visit extended family. We were tired and, frankly, a little cranky. So when the Big Red Apple (see here for some history) loomed in the windshield, we took the exit. It seemed even more kitschy than ever, and we've put it on the no-stop list for the forseeable future as a result. But a connected moment with these lovelies seemed to perk our mood a bit, and sometimes that's all you really need.

Your turn: How do you turn a frown upside down? Any suggestions?


Joan said...

Yes! I love to feed the animals if it's allowed. If there's a sign saying not to, I'll just pet them. It's even more fun to watch my kids do it.

Thank you from "the nation next door" for this welcome respite. I, too, tend to ground myself by connecting with my kids or with animals. Maybe that's why we have a house full. But "why is the grass green" was easy to answer this morning compared to just about any political question. (For the record, I loathe politics.) Even just looking at the picture you posted made some of the tension recede. I think I'll go pet our dog now, or one of the cats.

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