Friday, November 23, 2012

Color in a colorless place

Concrete block
London, ON
June 2012
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Look deeply enough in the the margins and eventually you'll find something worthy of an extra look or two. It doesn't have to be spectacular. Nor especially tall. Or beautiful. Or opulent.

It can be as simple as a block concrete structure in the middle of a run-down, scrub-and-gravel-covered property hard by the rail tracks on the eastern edge of downtown. It can be as simple as an unassuming building that someone decided to paint in a decidedly assuming way.

But you'll never know it's there if you don't change your perspective. Because if all you're looking for is the spectacular, you'll miss it entirely.

Your turn: What else can you see in the margins?


Kavi said...

Usually, meaning lies in the margins. for the margins define the 'focus' or what the eye was looking for!

Unknown said...

Hi Carmi: How amazing that someone cared enough to change an ordinary setting into a spectacular one with some paint!