Monday, November 05, 2012

Rust in peace

I hope these hold
London, ON
March 2012

About this photo: Thematic's been focusing on "somewhat worse for wear" all week. There's still time to submit yours. Just click here. New theme - "what's for dinner?" - goes live at 7:00 Eastern tonight. 
I didn't have to elbow anyone else out of the way to get this shot. I had all the room and time I needed to compose and meter the scene in the parking lot of the local Masonville Place mall. It was - and is - the kind of picture I like to shoot: offbeat, thought-provoking, atypical. Or, as my kids like to say, weird.

Because, to me at least, photography isn't about shooting the obvious. It's about shooting the stuff that sits, rather unobviously, just outside or below our everyday perspective.

Your turn: What do you suppose these nuts and bolts are holding together?


Bob Scotney said...

With bolts that size there would have to be something hefty under the ground.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Frankenstein's head?

dean said...

The last remnants of a dying civilization!

My guess would be a sign, actually. That pipe in the middle looks like electrical conduit.

21 Wits said...

Nothing says worse for wear better than- rust... cool photo! Never weird- just simple real. I am feeling a bit jolly and silly about your cool new theme- hope my feelings don't get tanked! Cuz what's for dinner sounds new and inviting! Thanks Carmi!

Unknown said...

What a day it must have been when that parking lot light pole came crashing down.

Jess Brady said...

Neat shot! I love the close-up on the bolts/pipe, but I think I like the shadows they cast even more.