Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shattered window, shattered life

Makes you think twice
London, ON
March 2012
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I guess a part of me will always feel the urge to stop and report from the scene of a major accident. A journalist's DNA being what it is, I often find it difficult to hold myself back when something so significant happens right in front of my eyes.

On this bright afternoon, two vehicles rather violently ended up in the same place at the same time, and it's clear this Hyundai Accent ended up on the losing end of a battle that no one ever really wins. Ambulances and police cars converged on the scene. Drivers and passengers were taken to hospital. Cleanup crews and tow truck operators were left to mop up the scene and get traffic flowing again. For anyone driving by, the world quickly moved on. For anyone in either vehicle, the world had changed.

I flitted among the mess, grabbing whatever pictures I could as I tried to pry details from the commanding officer on-scene. I shared what I could with the local television station, tweeted it out, then headed home.

Months later, this picture still haunts me. Was that the impact of someone's head? What - and who - else got damaged as the vehicle went from high speed to no speed in a blink? Would the occupants of both vehicles ever get into a car again without thinking of this day? Would they be the same?

I've been there, and silently, as this picture snaps into focus, I still wish them safe travels.

Your turn: Does driving scare you?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

HELL,YES...Only afraid because of the numnuts on the road.. Driving to the dentist saw an accident, people drive way too fast over the speed limit... Last week, a man rode my tail for awhile and even tho I was driving the appropriate speed, he insisted on tailing me... He finally got in another lane and motioned w/his thumb that I should of moved over... Why should I since I was going the limit??? Failed to mention that I was in the fast lane.. The last time that happened to me there was a cop that witnessed the tailgaiting and pulled the numnut over!. People are so rude and inconsiderate... Hope karma gets this dude.

Unknown said...

Good advice that we can never be reminded of too much, Carmi! Seat belts are mandatory.