Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Because underdogs should always win

Betty, not Veronica
Mary Ann, not Ginger
Bailey, not Jennifer
Velma, not Daphne

Your turn: You know where I stand. What about you?


Lisa Shafer said...

I don't know who Bailey and Jennifer are. :) (All the rest I can identify.)

Cloudia said...

Yeah, Carmi (nexus pad offered 'Levy" !)

I too like some girls more than others.

♥ Aloha bubeleh

Chris said...

I agree, although of all of your alpha girls, I thought Jennifer was mainly playing the hand she was dealt - she knew men would only value her for her looks, not her abilities, so she used her looks to open doors for her abilities rather than just coasting on her appearance (Joan, of Mad Men, seems similar to me). But Bailey was a sweetheart through and through. She was too good for Johnny.