Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rob and Doug Ford head to Sun News

Because you haven't heard enough of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford yet.

Or of his brother, Doug.

Or of the fine mayor's crack smoking.

Or of his sexual appetite.

Or of his drinking and driving.

The train wreck that is Mr. Ford switches onto another track with news that the Sun News Network - a subsidiary of Quebecor, the company that owns my city's paper, the London Free Press - will launch The Rob and Doug Ford Show. You might remember that the brothers hosted a show, The City, on Toronto's NewsTalk1010 radio station, until it was recently ended by "mutual agreement".

Disclosure: I do a lot of work with NewsTalk 1010 and other radio stations in the Bell Media family (including CJAD in Montreal and 1290 CJBK in London.) I have done a number of interviews with Sun in the past, as well. I'm immensely proud of the kind of work I've been able to do on Bell-related platforms, including CTV. Sun's decision to bring the Ford brothers on board at a time when the good mayor really should be focusing on getting rid of whatever demons afflict him smacks of media opportunism.

As a consumer, I don't want to watch because I don't want to encourage the obvious exploitation of someone who clearly lacks the ability and the will to help himself. As a professional journalist, I don't want my brand watered down by even the most remote association with a newsroom that so willingly crosses the line from coverage to being an integral part of the spectacle.



Tabor said...

I agree. We seem to be far less honorable in the press these days. We like watching people destroy themselves rather than figuring out why they are the way they are. How on earth did this poor old soul every get elected?? With DC's Barry it was because he gave away access and jobs, but DC is a much smaller town.

Shirley said...

It would appear someone spotted an opportunity to make money (a cash cow per se) in the form of the Ford brothers. Rather disgusting, I'd say.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

Sometimes we have to stand our ground on certain matters. This train wreck has no where to go but downwards, and why participate with a company who has given them another platform to deny, deny and deny.

Thankfully, most cable providers here don't carry or mandate we watch Sun Television. I have no desire to feed a crash and burn operation.

Because that's what it is, plain and simple.

Which wolf are you going to feed?


Unknown said...

I managed to finally watch video of him for the first time yesterday and today, Carmi. Not a nice story, I agree. We once had a Mayor in my hometown (who I won't name), that is famous for his decades-old television show that is too bizarre for words.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Why didn't these comments come when the Ford bros. had their show on Newstalk 1010 (CTV). Of course, everyone was glued to the radio show waiting and wondering to see what they would say after the allegations first came to light. Now all of a sudden because the brothers will appear on Sun News Network - it's much worse?