Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eat your breakfast every day

I often joke about how social media can be such a wasteland because everyone uses it to take pictures of their breakfast and share them.

Yet here I am doing precisely the same thing. Which makes me wonder if I've joined the legions of the vacuous, or if I've simply decided the occasional snippet of a day well lived is worth sharing.

Call me conflicted. Interwebs, what say you?


kenju said...

I say why not share your photo? A little slice of life (pun intended.)

eric said...

Well, I do not believe I have ever posted a picture of my breakfast, lunch OR dinner before. That said, I don't think a once in a (very great) while post of such is necessarily vacuous.

It's the 3 times a week meal picture that would give me pause.

Mark said...

This is another proof that early morning light makes everything more interesting. Your morning table has provided many good examples of that. Glowing orange marmalade, anyone?