Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quoted in USA Today...

The nature of my work sometimes means my name, words and work can show up in some crazy places. I'm okay with that, as it keeps things interesting and puts what I do into some kind of perspective.

Today I was quoted in USA Today, in Peter Moreira's piece on Canadian social media dashboard pioneer HootSuite's rocket ride. 

I've followed this company's trajectory for some time, and even use their web-based and mobile products to manage my own social media activity. As a journalist, I need to use whatever technology I can to streamline my day-to-day workflow, and as a Canadian I always want to find some way to support the home team. It's quite the kick to have it all pulled together in one little quote.

Here's the link:
Hoot, hoot: Social media tool HootSuite eyes growth
If you live in Tucson, AZ, this special link from the Tucson Citizen (yes, we read them all) is just for you.

Seriously, though, some days in my admittedly chaotic world of tech journalism are especially neat, and today is one of them.



ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Congrats, Carmi!

Alexia said...

Good for you, Carmi. You sure are making your mark!