Sunday, August 10, 2014

All by myself

Where did everyone go?
Toronto, ON
July 2014
Thematic. Please be seated. Here.
I like taking pictures that illustrate different ways of looking at the same thing. The launch photo of this week's Thematic theme, please be seated, is an overhead view of a crowded section of Toronto's Rogers Centre. It's as vibrant and chaotic a scene as you would expect when the hometown Blue Jays are playing and you point your lens to the middle of the action.

This scene, from a rather forlorn corner of the same stadium on the same day, paints a very different picture. I'm not sure why this guy decided to sit all alone, but I can understand why someone would choose to get a little distance from the craziness. Baseball, after all, is a game that often demands to be appreciated in studied silence. And the world is a neater place with folks who appreciate both sides of the in-stadium experience.

Something tells me this applies well beyond baseball. I'll have to mull that one over for a bit.

Your turn: What's he thinking?


Damien said...

Great concept. Is the glass half full? Nice blog, I'll be back.

Bob Scotney said...

'I'll bet the line at the hot dog stall is long.'

21 Wits said...

Well, hopefully he's not thinking about the 60 Minutes Show of last night, (sad baseball story there) and more importantly ...enjoying the beautiful peace and calm before, what he's hoping is the big win of the day.

21 Wits said...

I always enjoy Bob's humor! He always makes me smile. In all honesty he's probably right too!