Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm almost home

We have liftoff
Toronto, ON
July 2014
Thematic. Look straight down. Here.
My favorite part of any work-related trip is the trip home. Sure, I love seeing new places and enjoying the frenetic pace of life in a city I wouldn't otherwise get to see. The kind of brief trips that I take for work are perfect for sucking up as much of the experience as I possibly can, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity. Indeed, this most recent trip, to New York, was particularly epic (I wrote about it for Yahoo Canada here and here), and I'll upload more perspectives from the trip to the blog in the weeks to come.

Still, nothing tops coming home. And that last leg is always the one I treasure most, because I know who's waiting for me at the other end. So as my plane lifted off from Toronto and took to the sky for the quick final hop to London, I grabbed a few pics to remember what it felt like.

Your turn: What is it about coming home that appeals most to you?


Damien said...

The Alarm had a song called "Hardland" in which they sing: "To come home I had to go away from a hardland." When I come up the pass to my familiar part of the freeway I always feel like I'm bringing a better me home. Great photo.

Bob Scotney said...

Seems a familiar sight to me even although that's a runway I've not seen.

Gilly's Camera said...

What appeals most? The journey back, that i (usually) know almost as well as the prints on my fingers

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

When the plane takes off is my favorite part of flying.

Especially now that all the other parts are so much worse.