Saturday, March 11, 2006

Quoted - BlackBerry's next chapter

Warning: geekfest pending. I promise it'll be fun.

I did two interviews from the road yesterday. Namely, from the parking lot of a very large shopping mall. No worries, I wasn't driving at the time.

The first was a live radio hit in Kitchener. I chatted with Gary Doyle of 570 News for eight-and-a-half minutes about Research In Motion's purchase of a cool company called Ascendent Systems. Live radio is always so much fun because there are no do-overs. You just roll with it and whatever happens, happens.

Then I spoke with Simon Avery, the Globe & Mail's technology reporter, as I walked back into the mall. The resulting story, RIM reinforces claim as top dog by expanding BlackBerry service, was published in today's paper.

Here's what I said:
"We often toss around the term 'convergence.' It's the great buzzword of the new millennium. But this is a true example of convergence," said Carmi Levy, a senior research analyst with Info-Tech Research Group Inc. in London, Ont. "It doesn't force employees to change their behaviour. Whether they are sitting at their desk or sitting on a beach in Tahiti, they can still co-ordinate the actions of their team as always."


Analysts say RIM is trying to fend off its bigger rivals by making the BlackBerry perform even more wireless tasks. "This shows RIM is in an intense effort to differentiate itself from competitors who are starting to creep into its space," Mr. Levy said.
I've always wanted to talk about Tahiti with a reporter. My dream has come true. Now all that's left is to actually go there to test out my theory.

Your turn: How do I get to Tahiti? Should I bring a BlackBerry?


panthergirl said...

I love my Crackberry...and I would certainly bring it to Tahiti. ;)

Here via michele!

rob said...

Q: How do I get to Tahiti?

A: Practice.


... ... ...


That was a lot funnier in my head.

Nic said... want to do work in Tahiti??? No, my friend, it's about the relaxation, not the stress. Of course, not that I've ever been there, mind you, but it's a vaycay spot. Crackberry's not allowed!

I enjoy your blog every time I'm here on my own but here today via Michele. (Er, still enjoy it though!) :D

ribbiticus said...

you definitely have to bring a blackberry! the trip wouldn't be as enjoyable otherwise. great going on the interviews! :)

margalit said...

Walking is probably out, so I'd recommend a big silver bird that goes up in the sky. But DO NOT FLY Oceanic Airlines, or you're gonna end up LOST.

Or, you could go on Wheel of Fortune and win a trip. We just saw someone win a trip this very week to Tahiti and I was in tears because it was not me. I'm a big fan of the South Pacific, having never been anywhere but Hawaii! :-) But I love that island live. Fiji, Bora Bora, Bali before Indonesia went insane, Tahiti. Ah...

And yes, I'd bring the Crackberry. How else are you going to communicate with all your green with envy friends back in Canada?

The Torch Singer said...

michele sent me....

Tahiti...for relaxation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel - Wicked Ink said...

Heh! Read you in Canadian Business Magazine. I have a story I want to pitch to them or Macleans, just not sure which... will get some feedback from my pal the Editor.

Congrats on having your name everywhere I want mine to be! :):):)