Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Adventurer's end?

As I write this, the search for millionaire adventurer and aviator Steve Fossett continues. Fossett took off in his small plane yesterday and never returned. His aircraft is believed down somewhere in Nevada (click here for news, and here for wiki entry.)

I last wrote about him in 2005 (see here and here) when he became the first person to pilot an aircraft solo non-stop around the world. The GlobalFlyer record wasn't his only achievement: he holds in excess of 115 world records or firsts.

I pray he's found in good health, because a world that can so often sap the spirit with its cruelty needs the inspiration of extraordinary folks like him. I don't have all the money in the world to buy planes and balloons and fly them ridiculous distances. But I'm not beyond being touched by the example of someone who, when faced with the choice of comfortably and safely staying home or heading into the great unknown, repeatedly decides to take that chance and push the bounds.

I can't help but think that we can all learn a little from people like him, and we would all be lessened in some way by his possible loss.

Your turn: Thoughts?

Additional links: Updated Sep. 5 coverage, PBS/Nova interview text.


Chad Oneil said...

"The Adventurer" certainly inspires. I think it's in all of us to experience adventure in life. We often need people to remind us of that desire though.

I pray he's ok.

Ravvy said...

*peers* Carmi - that you? My goodness there you are! Look at you with your new job and wild photography happening! Thats awesome man! And you have quite a following! I often feel my comments are rather small because there are usually many people who have written before I get on here!

It was awesome to get a small personal message from you! I do like to get some luv at times! This picture out of the ones I have commented on really spoke to me - with hot air. But there are some amazingly smart people leaving comments in here!!!! That or they have too much time to think of a hillarious comment!!!

Take care of your tribe and yourself! I always love to come back and see how you are! I may not get to comment much, but I do keep an eye on you all! :D

Yes indeed I think foundations are FINALLY starting to be laid. But I'm so stubborn that its surely taking longer. And its really hard to not assume that something is going to happen simply because you think it might - which i do all the time let me tell you. I'm trying the tacktic of not trying to over think things and see where that might get me. That, and, we just never know...

Its just so scary!!!
And so very exciting!!!!

Thankyou for your great insight and kind words... I value it highly - and from the other side of the world!

Ravvy said...

Maybe I didn't say it, but what I wanted to say about what we can learn from this man is - there is no 'cannot do' - there is only 'lets give it a go!!!'. So many times we'll back out of trying something simply because we're afraid of failure or to be embarrassed or something - when - we shouldn't!!!

But try and tell someone that. Half the time we will back out of things for our own reasons too, and if someone was to egg us on to do it we'd most likely give the same response we get from others from our encouragment to do things!

So, this man whom I've never known of till now, reminds me that i shouldn't said "I wont because it wont work/I'll fail" but to remind myself that "Yes, do it, have a go, no matter what it is, because the idea of failure shouldn't stop me; the idea of succeeding should encourage me!"

Thanks Carmi :)

Moi said...

Watched it on BBC last night and had similar thoughts ...hope he returns safely ...

craziequeen said...

Isn't it terrible when we all wait for news?

Looking at the way we, the public, worry and fret highlights how desperate the family must feel.
I still have the flag up on my blog for Madeleine McCann.

In Britain we have an adventurer called Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and he has made us all worry at one time or another, from ice caps to deserts - but as a nation we would be so much poorer without Ranulph's living legacy.


sage said...

I love the Nevada desert--but it can be an unforgiving place if you're not prepared and a terrible place to be in a plane crash. I hope he's found soon.

On another matter, I don't know if you accept such things, but I nominated you for a Nice Matter's Award.

surcie said...

I can't help but think of his wife, who has probably said many prayers for him over the years. I hope he's okay.

Dak-Ind said...

i dont watch much news anymore, its not suitable for toddler ears usually... and i dont do much that isnt suited for him to watch too.

i never wish ill on anyone, but most especially not someone who sets a good example for others. there are too few good role models as it is.

Heidi said...

Stepping out of the comfort zone is a big issue with me lately (kids off to school, making new friends with their new friends, debating my husband's job future)... I see this guy saying with his actions, "Um... I am just going to go and do this thing I am passionate about." And then we can wonder where we need to go next... or just go do it.

Karen said...

Yes, he's quite the guy. I'm not sure what thoughts I have except he's certainly a good example of a life well-lived.

Just stopping by to say hi. Hope you're having a great day!

moon said...

I agree, it's ppl like him that get others up and doing things they may not normally..or just get inspired by men like him who live life to the fullest...I hope they find him...if anyone can survive ..if there is any chance..I bet he can...