Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Interviewed on iPods

Sometimes, I get to do an interview where all the stars align and I come out of it feeling like high-fiving everyone I see on the way home.

Tonight was just such an interview. I spoke with Business News Network's Kim Parlee and the interview was broadcast live on The Business News, their flagship dinnertime show. We discussed the just-announced next-generation iPods from Apple. What I really liked about this interview was how we explored the higher order implications of the announcement. In the end, it was much more than a story about hardware, and we got to dig deep into the meaning of it all.

It was a fascinating opportunity to do some really great analytical work with a frighteningly good team of broadcast journalists. Some days, it's hard to believe that I am privileged to pursue this kind of career path. I pinched myself on the way back to the car to make sure it was real. It was.

If you want to see me chatting on most of my cylinders, click here for the interview.

Your turn: Is this stuff cool or what?


Awareness said...

Very cool indeed! Great interview, Carmi. I continue to be a techie neophyte, being left in the wake of the rest of my family. So, the information and analysis re: iPods and WiFi's and downloading tunes? Well, I think I'll be able to impress them at dinner tonight with my new knowledge and understanding.

Thank you kind sir.

You are a natural on TV and as a teacher. Well done.

BreadBox said...

Well... I would love to have seen the interview, but apparently they can't figure out how to allow linux users to watch.
Any chance of a summary text version on your work blog?


Joy T. said...

Excellent interview! It's times like this I am so grateful I no longer have dial-up. I agree with awareness, you are definitely a natural on TV.

Moi said...

what about the 200$ cuts on iphones....when do we hear you on that?? :)

gautami tripathy said...

You are lucky to have a job that you love so much. Few of us are that privileged.

It was good to watch the interview.

MIchele must have wanted me see how good you are on that. No wonder she sent me back.

Stephane Tardif said...

Hey Carmi You are referenced in the Montreal "La presse" website,12399,0,092007,1379398.html&ref=top_short

St├ęphane Tardif

rashbre said...

but how come the iTouch video pod has such a small disk? Don't give me all the flash vs HD blurb; an ostensible high end device should have more capacity.

Separately, are you tracking the iPhone SIM hacks? £50 in the UK for a SIM unlock. I assume Apple will upgrade the firmware..Hoho.