Sunday, September 23, 2007

Caption This 37

Please caption this image for me [See below for details]
Grand Bend, Ontario, September 2007 [Click to enlarge]

Isn't it amazing what you find washed up on the beach?

Your turn: Click on the Comment link below and suggest a caption for this photo. The winner will be announced next week. You won't get rich in the process, but you'll earn my everlasting happiness and friendship. Have fun with it...and thanks for playing! If you're a Caption This newbie, click here for the rules.

About last week's image: The picture of our wounded son, Zach, resting with his rather large green cast, prompted a lot of very thoughtful responses. I usually pull a few out as honorable mentions, but I won't do that this time out: they're all honorable.

I've been sharing your thoughts with him by plopping down next to him with my laptop. He so very much appreciates the kindness of folks from around the world who have never met him, yet who feel a connection through my writing. Please know that every comment you leave makes a very big difference to a young man who's going through a rough patch. I wish I could thank you all in person for being so generous with your words of encouragement.

And since there has to be one winner, it goes to the one person who's upended her life to make sure Zach's recovery is as free from hiccups as possible: his mom. My wife, Morah Mommy, penned this: "Sleepy green-legged alien invades levyland!"

I know I risk being accused of nepotism, but she's been incredible since the moment this happened. It's no wonder our kids love her so much.

If you haven't read her blog, I hope you'll pay her a visit (click here) when you have a moment. She's a pretty lovely person.


Reflekshins said...

This week on Mutual of Omaha's South Beach Kingdom.

Marlin Perkins carefully sneaks up on the rare and dreaded driftwood crocodile, who has craftily submerged himself in hopes of obtaining a low-carb meal.

MorahMommy said...

Creature from the black lagoon emerges from the deep, dark sea!

I know I am being silly and it's only driftwood, but if you look at it, it does look like a mysterious creature!

Happy Sunday!

craziequeen said...

'John felt his whittling wasn't showing the best results'


woohoo!! No one is more deserving than your wonderful wife, although I bet looking after Zach has been more of a family challenge!
But I agree, your wife is indeed lovely.


Melissa said...

"In a while, one of us will go up to bedand the other one will follow.

Then we will slip below the surface of the night

into miles of water, drifting down and downto the dark, soundless bottom

until the weight of dreams pulls us lower still."

-- William Collins

Melissa said...

P.S. Michele sent me, and I vote for Shane's (reflekshins) submission...if it matters?

Last Girl On Earth said...

This picture makes me think of something the Rabbi said yesterday during the Yisker service. (Yes, I actually went!)

"Lift the anchor and feel the wind"

You have GOT to come over and check out my special holiday post this weekend. I know you'll get it!

Michele sent me, but I was heading over anyway!

Jeremiah Andrews said...

A centurian of the past comes to protect his beach....


Geggie said...

Michele sent me!

Great site.

"You should always where shoes on the beach, lest you get a splinter."

Shephard said...

Oh, I love the winning caption for last week. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I certainly understand Carmi...Life is happening all over the place, including here on the hill..I hope your dear son is managing as best he can...NOT easy, I know....(I've broken my foot three different times over many many years---Crutches and Casts, I have a small idea of what he is going through..It is wonderful that he has such a loving and understanding family to ease this terrible burden a little bit.

No isea of a caotion for that picture....Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ok I have absolutely NO idea what to caption this - LOL!

Carmi I wanted to thank you for your help on writing my speech / toast for my sisters' wedding. Your words were encouraging and very helpful.

texasblu said...

I agree with Morahmommy - it looks like a creature to me too.

BTW - my daughter broke her arm Thursday, and I thought of your little one. Seems there is a lot of this going around - I've read of two other bloggers having to visit the er over children's broken bones.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. :)

(Still not creative enough for a caption!)

Sara said...

Oh dear me - I've sort of been avoiding this post cause I have no idea what to caption it...

But, Michele sent me back tonight!

Have a great week!!!

Crazy Single Mom said...

I think your wife truly deserves to be t he winner :-)
as for a caption for this week...hmm...

Nature, the best wood whitler around!

Star said...

Hi Carmi. Michele sent me around this visit. this photo reminds me that summer is over. But it was good while it was here.

Marisa said...

I wish I wood knot get drifted from beech to beech

Michele sent me.

Love your site and I do drop in quite regularly to read. Hope your son is getting better

BreadBox said...

How about "Driftwood, basking"


colleen said...

Stick in the mud.

Glad your son is on the mend and reading our messages. Hope it's not to itchy.

Linda said...

Nessy's been spotted!