Sunday, September 02, 2007

Caption This 34

Please come up with a caption for this image [See below for details on how Caption This works]
Somewhere on the I-75, January 2006

I like to take depressing pictures. Or pictures of odd things in nondescript places. To wit, I'm willing to bet that this badly-powered, woefully ancient and sad-looking hand dryer in an Interstate rest stop washroom wasn't a frequent photographic subject.

Until I sauntered by, of course. So I'm hoping you'll be touched by the spirit of Caption This, my blog's increasingly famous (OK, famous in my house) weekly feature that promises happiness for all who participate. Really! You just smiled, didn't you?

Lesson learned: One must be really careful pulling out a camera in a public washroom. The whole Larry Craig "I cruise airport washrooms but I'm not gay" episode has added yet another layer of chill to this unique form of institutional photography. Don't ask how I learned this. I just know. Trust me.

Your turn: Invent a neato caption for this image and be the toast of the blog world next Sunday when I announce the winner. Click here for the Caption This rules.

Last week's image of a lady of a certain age searching the beach with a metal detector was one of the more poignant images I've brought home this summer. In the end, Danny took it with his deliciously ghoulish caption: "I knew I should have taken the ring off of my husband's finger before I buried him." I hope you'll visit his site (click here) and share your congratulations.

Other notable quotables included the following:
Thanks, everyone, for making Caption This the pseudo-popular feature that it is. Have fun with this week's photo!


BreadBox said...

To think, Senator Craig could have used this for a blow job.

deputyswife said...

Convenient and affordable, you too could have your own handy dandy hand dryer. Complete with public restroom odor. Quantities limited, act fast.

Here via Michelle.

gautami tripathy said...

How the hell did we end with complicated contraptions?

Notable mention? Thanks!!

November Rain said...

I dont have a caption but I and Michelle want to know how you learned the lesson oh please I just know its going to be a great story

JC said...

They feared to hard wire I would blow the network.

Beverly said...

Well, I think Breadbox already won this one. I have no caption, but I hate those contraptions. I know it saves paper, but...

The captions concerning the lady are priceless, especially the winning one.

gautami tripathy said...

In a few places in India, we still have ancient hand dryier if we have any, that is. Most of times, these don't work.

Would you call it a show piece?

I suppose Michele thinks so too. No wonder she sent me here!

craziequeen said...

good grief - caption a hand-dryer??


'The Larry Craig model - for drying those awkward damp spots.....'

You started it! :-)

hmm - think I'm gonna have to up the ante next week......


MissMeliss said...

Is it warm in here, or is it just me?

Dak-Ind said...

Microsoft goes crazy... Vista upgrade "SKY" really blows.

ok, i was beaten to the easy shots already so i had to come up with something. lame, i know. sigh.

michele sent me. and as always, i LOVE visiting you!

Chad Oneil said...

"For the shock of your life, push the red button."

I love the step-by-step directions on the label.

Yeah, camera's in restrooms are a tricky mix.

One time recently, I was asked to photograph my friend at work washing his hands for an "employees must wash hands" sign. Keep in mind that it's not even a food related business, but we still wanted this sign made.

Anyway, I felt very awkward as we walked in the restroom and I saw that someone was in one of the stalls. I was actually a little uncomfortable as me and my friend discussed the shot and I fired the loud shutter while knowing that the poor guy in the stall had to be wandering what the heck was going on out there!

It through me off my photographic game a little. I could have gotten a little better of a shot if I wouldn't had wanted to get out of there so quickly.

Oh well, the simple sign was still made and the image we got served the purpose.

Becky68 said...

I like Breadbox's comment best & I can't think of a thing!
Michele sent me at the end of my time online when I'm completely out of ideas for anything further than what to unwind to on the tv set for the evening!

Ravvy said...

"Guaranteed Full of Hot Air"

Points for trying? :D

mrsmogul said...

WOW! You know you're the first male blogger with a blogher ad??? how did you get to do that I thought it was only for people who used tampons.

BreadBox said...

How about
"I am so *sick* and *tired* of everyone pushing my buttons! Leave me alone!"
(which would have been suggested by Michele tonight had she talked to me before sending me here...)

John said...

"For a hot time push the red button."

"Look for me on Craig's list...Senator Craig's, that is."

Heidi said...

I can't come up with anything... but I really like jc's caption.

Odd picture, Carmi... interesting!

Awareness said...

Good to know my mind, which is lingering in the gutter while reading your post and looking at the pic has good company.

Breadbox's first suggestion and Crazyqueen? Made me laugh the most. :)