Monday, September 24, 2007

Blue waters run deep

Water color
Laval, Quebec, August 2007

This is what happens when you deliberately ignore the light meter on the camera and instead massively underexpose the shot. You get away with stuff like this with digital because mistakes don't really cost anything and sometimes, the experimental, fingers-crossed pictures that really shouldn't work still manage to surprise you.

I've really got to screw up more often.

Your turn: Mistakes that turned out to be anything but. Please discuss.

One more thing: We're taking the young 'un back to the hospital later this morning to have his injury reassessed and the cast replaced. We can't guarantee the new cast will still be bright green, though: he's been asking about orange for the past couple of days. Beyond color, we're hoping the docs have good news on his recovery, and can give us some answers about the pain that's been keeping him up nights for the past week. The adventure continues...

Update, 6:42 p.m.: Things went well at the hospital. Ortho surgeon-doc was happy with his progress, said there's good evidence of initial bone growth. The giant full-leg bright green cast has been cut down a bit, and now ends below the knee. Much more manageable for him, and for us. It's still bright green, though, and he kept the piece that they cut off from his upper leg. Souvenir, I guess. Zach wanted to thank everyone for being so nice. It's touching to receive so much support from folks around the planet. More soon, as our next appointment at the hospital's already been scheduled for next week.


carli said...

Orange would be very seasonal.
Good luck to Zach this morning.

BreadBox said...

I'll look forward to a (hopefully good news) update later.
That photo is quite stunning in its deep-blue-ness.... Can you achieve something similar digitally if you take your properly exposed picture and modify it later? Surely there should be a way of recreating this from a well-exposed image?


wordnerd said...

Most. Gorgeous. Screwup. Ever.

Let me know if you ever make prints of that. I'm buyin'. Seriously.

Holly Schwendiman said...

Mistakes? I thought they were just happy accidents!


Moogie said...

Personally, I'm thinking bright orange, with a hint of witches and ghosts and perhaps a pumpkin or two thrown in.

Good luck to Zach and I'm hoping that he gets some good news...and that they can help him find a way to ease the pain.

If that is a screw up then I would love to see one of the perfect pictures. :) That is an excellent shot Carmi...great job.

Lori said...

Wow....that is a fantastic, my favorite shade of blue. Sometimes we get the best photos when we're trying the least (or messing up the most!)

Hope everything goes well with Zach and his appointment. Hopefully his cast days won't be for much longer.

texasblu said...

I love the screwup. :D

And I hope all went well with the Dr. My daughter got a yellow cast put on this morning.. I'm posting a pic here in a bit.

A screwup that turned out not to be... that would be our move to Idaho. For the first three yrs here we thought maybe we had made a huge mistake. Now we're seeing it all come together and we're so glad we did. :)

Chad Oneil said...

Now that's "Blue" ;)

Thanks for your recent comment, glad you enjoyed the story.

I'll remember your son in prayer.

tommiea said...

love the photo...every once in a while I will get something fun like that.

The orange would be so fall....

Jef said...

I had to take art history in art school. I thought it was a complete waste of time, but I ended up meeting someone who became one of my closest friends here in Atlanta--and it only cost me $17,000, but he was worth every penny.

Beverly said...

I'm so glad to hear that your son's leg is healing well.

That photo is quite beautiful.

Shephard said...

I like the intensity! :)
Glad to hear the cast is a souvenir already.

BreadBox said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well with Zach --- it must be a huge relief for you and Morahmommy, and for him too.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog: you always have good things to say. You deserve an award for it. In fact, I think that I'll nominate you for one.


craziequeen said...

Oh, that is just, just beautiful, honey.
It's like the picture of silk I used for my header - deep and luscious.

I suggested on Deb's blog that fluorescent pink might be available for Little Man! :-))

I know they do that tape in a dark blue - perfect for small child?


Rainbow dreams said...

am pleased Zach is making good progress...and that the cast is more manageable now, hope you got the pain sorted out for him.

What a fantastic photo...if you never admitted to it being a mistake noone would be any the wiser... it's just a new technique isn't it? ;)

Sandy said...

I'm slowly catching up so forgive the delay. My best wishes for continued happy healing to Zach. It is never reasy to be knocked out of commission, so to speak, but for one so full of exuberance - I can't even imagine. All the best to the boy as he mends and the family that supports him in the process.

By the way- the photo, beautiful. My favorite thing about digital photography is the ability to throw caution to the wind and try the seemingly impossible without being held back by something silly like "what'd cost to develop." :) Your work with a camera continues to inspire me, Carmi. Great job as always.

Oh, one more thing - please do pass on belated birthday wishes to both the beautiful ladies in your household! I believe our daughter's share a birthday (the 12th?) I tend to think the best daughter's arrive then. :)

Reflekshins said...

if you think it's water, but it's not, it's chiffon (singing the old jingle).