Saturday, September 29, 2007

Study in red

London, Ontario, July 2007

Remember when you were a kid and you'd lie on your tummy on the walkway in front of your house and stare close-up at the ants for what seemed like hours at a stretch? Remember how you saw so much that your parents couldn't because they didn't want to get their clothes dirty or ripped by joining you down there?

You do remember when you took the time to zoom in, don't you?

Your turn: What did you see when you took the time? What did you miss when you didn't? Why does this seemingly innocuous image taken during a rare quiet moment at our son's birthday party evoke these kinds of thoughts? Why ask why?

One more thing: I've posted a new entry to the Words@Work blog. Click here to drop by and share a thought or two (yes, it's my week to whore for visits...I'm still begging for Facebook requests, too. Click here for that insanity.)

I guess that was two more things. Sorry.


craziequeen said...

I don't know if it's linked to my depression (my doctor does!), but I spend a lot of time studying life through my own zoom lens.

Grass, leaves, animals, flowers - Nature is absolutely amazing.....


Becky68 said...

Michele sent me to see what you're zooming in on today.
I tend to zoom in on nature & my kids but not much else.
I'm not on Facebook so far- I have a myspace because my 17 year old's myspace is set to private & having my own page allows me to check on who's talking to her.

November Rain said...

my dad always took the time no matter what and often he was the one pointing out the ants
or the watermelons growing wild in the back yard from where we had spit seed last year

or the butterfly on the flower

or the spring hidden in the woods

the old tree with the scary bent bark

Michelle sent me today for the reminisces

Sarch said...

Carmi a fantastic post here. Short and at the same time extremely interesting food for thought.

I had a moment this morning where I actually took the time to "see" the world around me.

My youngest son and his girlfried and I went geocaching this morning. We ended up in an area in the woods next to the interstate. I suddenly became aware of where I was at that moment compared to where I would normally be. I stopped and looked through the trees at the cars passing by on the highway and made a mental note to look towards where I currently was the next time I drove past on the highway. Now I know what it looks like deep in those trees off of the interstate in that area. One of those odd moments.

Reflekshins said...

now i feel bad again because you reminded me of burning bugs with a magnifying glass.

Bobealia... said...

Many of your photos evoke this feeling. I think that is what your "eye" is all about much of the time. I was reminded of this feeling the other day when my friend (from small town Ontario) came to visit me and we went into the city (New York) and I was able to look around again with fresh eyes and was able to feel the excitement again.

texasblu said...

Hey Carmi - here via Michele today. :)

Okay, I thought I was a geek for blogging, but now I realize how out of touch I really am because I have never heard of facebook. I just read your last post to enlighten myself - thanks for the education. lol!

I'm actually an inrospective person, so I actually do this alot. It drives my husband, kids, parents, and siblings (and possibly friends but they're too kind to say so) nuts.

kenju said...

I didn't know about Words@Work, Carmi, and I will go back and read it occasionally. I am not on Facebook, but I'll go and see yours!

When we take the time to view things through a scope or just close up, we see things we'd never see otherwise. It helps us to see the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. Michele thinks so too.

margalit said...

We have the same shelves in black in our kitchen, that take up an expanse of wall and hold an amazing amount of stuff. Over the shelves we have plastic sheeting (clear) so that nothing falls thru. Today I was cleaning the plastic and saw some dust and debris on the shelves and ended up cleaning those with a toothbrush. Imagine my horror seeing your photo after cleaning 6 rows of those shelves! :-)

Tiffany said...

Yesterday me, DH, DD and the dogs were having a quiet (well somehwhat quiet) afternoon outside. We were sitting in the grass just taking it all in. Fall is here, the leaves are changing and falling to the ground.

I dont have a facebook either. I have myspace.

Michele sent me to zoom in :)

Rainbow dreams said...

up close and personal...seeing the details, studying how things are put together and how they work...
I still love lying on the floor with my kids and seeing things at a different level...
good to see you on facebook, Katie :)