Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free parking

London, ON, October 2008

About this photo: Thematic Photographic explores "rows" this week. Do you have a photo or a link that touches on this theme? If so, please click here to get involved.
No one will ever claim that a parking lot is a particularly nice addition to the landscape. From the moment the pavement is first laid down, it begins the inevitable process of deterioration. Eventually, its variable-gray, cracked surface becomes yet another example of urbanity - and it reminds us why it's all so forgettable. Or is it that we wish it were forgettable. Whatever.

As much as I hate these pedestrian-hostile zones, I must admit they take on a different personality at night. Emptiness gives them a reflective feel that just isn't there when the sun is up. Of course, it's hard to be reflective when you're dodging a 3,800-pound Dodge being driven by a cell phone-toting father of three whose only goal is to grab that parking spot close to the door so he can run in and snag that blue-tinted door wreath before they sell out.

At night, you can take the time to look around without fear of being mowed down by bargain-seekers. Peaceful.

Your turn: What night does to a scene. Please discuss.


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

I always find myself intrigued by people who can express themselves they way you do. Simple. Reflective. Meaningful.

I am just venturing into writing and have enjoyed reading your reflections.

Keep them coming....

sealaura said...

very nice and subtle. I really like the calmness of your last couple of pictures.

kenju said...

I learned to drive a stick shift Volks Beatle in a similar lot. Mr. kenju was afraid to allow me to take the wheel in the daytime, and huge parking lots at night, like that one served a good purpose.

Anonymous said...

Night gives the slightest breezes wonderful sound.

Anonymous said...

Night brings out the state of being. It's akin to turning off the cell phone, TV, and radio...except in photography.

It reminds me that it's very GOOD to just BE, as often as possible.

Wendy said...

You can feel the quiet in your picture. Very nice.
I was trying to come up with something spectacular this week. I had so many ideas and was really getting into it. Everywhere I've been going it seemed I had the theme in my head and was on the look out for that spectactular picture. I took quite a few and I didn't really like any of them and was trying to find one that I could settle on. But this morning I downloaded some pics off of my camera and Ta Da - there it was. The one I thought really caught the theme. Funny thing is I took it weeks ago.

smarmoofus said...

How very strange. I was thinking of taking a picture of a parking lot for this theme, too, and now I can't remember if I had that idea before or after seeing this photo. But mine would not have worked out quite so well, I think. This is exactly the feel I wanted, but I don't think I could have captured it. Nice rows, Carmi.