Friday, July 28, 2006

Publish Day - Ink Blog - City silliness

Our city plays host to a range of organizations whose major raison d'etre is to foster improved relationships between civic leadership and business. So imagine my surprise when one of the major employers in town announces a big shutdown, and the Chamber of Commerce says it was surprised.

Kinda makes you wonder why these entities exist in the first place, doesn't it?
TD-Canada Trust move no surprise
Published Friday, July 28, 2006
The London Free Press

News that TD-Canada Trust is closing its two regional support centres in London and carting 300 jobs to Mississauga and Montreal should not have come as a surprise to the London Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber’s general manager, Gerry McCartney, said he was surprised by the decision. He shouldn’t have been.

Gone are the days when a few large employers dominate the London economy. Industry-dominant players like TD-Canada Trust operate in a much larger economic playground than our city. They face global pressures to maximize profits and drive share values higher.

If they can realize additional bottom-line gain by combining large numbers of inefficient operations into a few more centralized ones, they will. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

It is a foregone conclusion that the few remaining large-scale employers in London are also evaluating their operations on a regular basis. The city would do well to proactively work with them to identify efficiencies closer to home.

Perhaps then they won’t be surprised when the moving vans pull in.

Your turn: Do you have any silly-city-leadership stories to share?


Panthergirl said...

I have silly leadership stories, but they involve my BOSS and not my city. Unfortunately. I've been tempted to post one or two, but I think I have to wait until after he gets fired.


Here via michele today, Carmi!

Twist of Kate said...

Sorry to say, I don't have one silly city leadership stories. I'm just not informed like that :) But I can extend a BIG hello from Michele's! :) Sup, Carmi??? Oh hey I met your lovely wife while playing last week. Fun!

srp said...

Here from Michele, this time.
I'm sure there are plenty here in NYC, but the people who live in this apartment don't seem to get the paper. So, I have no idea what is going on in the world. Of course there are too many things to see and so and subways to catch and so forth.

I have run across one silly thing here. The museums won't come out and say they are charging an admission fee, but they won't let you in until you've paid the "recommended donation". I wonder what would happen if you walked up and said that you wanted in but didn't want to pay the donation?

Alex said...

Hi Carmi.. here via Michele's. I can tell lots of silly leadership stories but who am I to whine? :) Love your post...

Anonymous said...

Hey Panthergirl - read Carmi's post below this one... don't want to be in that boat - LOL

Hi Carmi - visiting from Michele's. Your posts are always thought provoking and I enjoy visiting.

kenju said...

Oh, yes! Thirty years ago the local powers that be decided that our main downtown street had to be turned into a mall. At a cost of millions (and much more than the estimates) they did it. Over the next 10 years or so, the mall lost businesses and it turned into a place no one wanted to go to in the day time, let alone at night.

Fast forward to 2006: tomorrow, the mall, now turned back into a 2 way street, will reopen. It has cost many more millions (and much more than the estimates). It will remain to be seen if it indeed revitalizes the inner city. My theory is that in 30 more years, they will want to make it into a mall again. Stupidity in action.

kenju said...

Darn, Michele sent me this time Carmi!

Carli N. Wendell said...

Well, right off the top of my head, there's Mayor Bloomberg giving props to Con Edison for working hard to solve a 10-day blackout, when if they'd been on top of things, the blackout never would have happened in the first place!
Oh, and here's those lyrics to 227:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carmi, I'm afraid I don't have any silly leadership stories I can post & not get in trouble, I know a funny one about the local police going knocking on doors at 3 am with a lost horse to see if anyone knew who's horse it was. (This was in my hometown in the '70's & no one was too pleased to see them)
Here from Michele's

Anonymous said...

I'll be surprised that any face-to-face branch offices will remain. Soon banking will be done mostly online or from ATMs.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me, Carmi!

I don't have any silly city leadership storeisw for you. The town I live in now is too small, and Atlanta, where I lived in before, tended to fill me with too much disgust with the "pork barrel" aspects to watch closely. Ick!

It was great watching your interview with CTV's Canada AM, Carmi. But why was that Brigitte woman so obsessed with semen? She needs a boyfriend!

Mike said...

Hello Carmi

After 20 years in the Air Force I can think of lots of funny leadership stories. Lets just sum them all up by saying they fall under the category of "military Intelligence"

Here from Michele

kenju said...

Michele worked her magic again, Carmi! See you later too, probably.