Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chocolate or vanilla? Both!

I seem to have struck a nerve with my splooshy picture of water, so I thought I'd continue the theme with some ice cream. No, not ice milk. Not frozen yogurt. Not light. Not fat-free. Ice cream. The way it was meant to be.

The lines and texture pulled me in as soon as I saw this in the viewfinder (yes, I still use mine...I'm old-fashioned that way.)

Are these pictures having a cooling effect on your psyche yet? Or should I find something else to yammer on about? Do tell.


Sarie said...

mmmmmm chocolate. mmmmmmmmmm

Michele sent me again. I'm not stalking you, I promise!!

Shephard said...

I'm definitely a fan of choc. ice cream. But I have to say... the one thing that might change YOUR mind is having REAL Italian gelato. I've yet to have anything as wonderful as that outside of Italy. :) Ice-cream-wise, I mean. :)

Michele sent me... again. But I'd have stopped by anyway. :)


Anonymous said...

ummmmmmmmm yummy..
Over from the other michele's

MsT said...

You're great at capturing texture and color. This pic does the trick, I feel cooler already! Michele says hi.

Anonymous said...

I could use some of that right now. Chocolate cheers me up!

Anonymous said...

When I was in High School I used to work in an Ice Cream Shop called CARVEL. It was "sweet" to say the least. Learning how to build the machines every morning, mixing the flavours and filling cake pans and containers with assorted flavoured goodies. Then we'd put them in the "flash freezer" before we cut, decorated and put them on display for sale.

Fun, Fun, Fun...

Question: You work in an ice cream store - before the dawn of nosy employers who would hook up cameras to watch you day and night.

Your friends come in for ice cream, do you give them some for free or do you charge them?

My boss always had his snitches!!!


Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

yummy! The photo is refreshing!

Carli N. Wendell said...

Ice cream gives me a heavy, stomachache feeling, so it's not something I associate with feeling cool. And you know what bugs me? Breyer's started calling their Neopolitan ice cream just "Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry." I guess we're all too stupid to know what Neopolitan means anymore.

Zee said...


I'm really enjoying your posts, even if I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms for not having a camera. *sob*

Young Lady said...

please continue Carmi, chocolate is soo goooodddd. I personally lovecookie dough ice cream, omg I need some now

MorahMommy said...

Yum! That looks good. As you know from living with me that I am on a strick diet. I haven't had any ice cream in a very long time.

It sure is tempting!

Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Carmi here. Comment moderation seems to have taken a snooze this evening. It won't let me approve a comment from Colleen. So I'm posting it directly on her behalf.

Here's what she said:

Hi Carmi, I'm wireless in Delaware. I wouldn't have thought this was icecream. It looks more like cake.

Thanks for coming by. I love the red/green leaf below.

We now resume our regular programming.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me, Carmi.

I like vanilla but not chocolate ice cream. Unfortunately my belly likes neither. Damn!

I don't need to feel any cooler since my A/C is roaring away but it's nice that you're trying to keep everyone cool with your camera. It's a help, at least in the psychological sense. Great pictures also. Food really isn't easy to photograph. Your pictures seem effortless, Carmi, which I know is quite an accomplishment.

Karen said...

That looks awesome! Although, lately we've been having gelato, which is just very splendid. Here in Wisconsin, frozen custard is all the rage. So, in general, we're not big ice cream eaters.

Stopping by via Michele's. Hope all is well in the Carmi household!

L said...

yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I just ate some chocolate ice cream...Yuuuuuuum!

Thank you dear Carmi for youre beautiful comment about your friend Michael...So very sad that his body wasn't able to integrate and assimilate that liver into his being...It must have been a truly wonderful thing to have that plant for those 14 years---reminding you of the dear friend you lost.
I always feel you understand what I am writing about on such a deep level....and I appreciate your sensitivity so very very much. Thank You, dear Carmi.

Shannon akaMonty said...

Ice cream...truly the perfect dessert. :)

Hiya Carmi, Michele sent me today! And it's a pleasure to be back, as always!!

srp said...

Now I'm cooler and hungry. Cool showers, gelatos (the real Italian kind), sorbets, all are wonderful. Nyssa especially loves the Italian chocolate gelato that has so much real chocolate in it she says it "gives her a buzz". While here in NY I plan on finding the famous ice cream parlor here in Brooklyn and fie the calories!

With regard to the water picture, it looks like a fountain frozen into ice, almost an ice sculpture. This certainly should have a cooling effect.