Sunday, July 02, 2006

Resonant breakfast

I truly lead the life of Brian. My wife's ability to navigate through the kitchen is a thing to behold. Even better, she tolerates my annoying habit of pulling out the camera whenever she finishes a dish.

On this morning, the kids were waiting impatiently around the kitchen table for Mom to finish their pancakes. They bubbled with anticipation as they each prepared their plates for the feast to come.

But the sights and sounds were only the beginning. The house smelled like home. The sun's rays filled the kitchen with warmth and promise. All was right with the world during that small moment in time.

So the light that bathes this image served a greater purpose than simply making a picture possible. It hopefully painted a picture, a day, an experience, a moment that our kids will remember well into adulthood. It also makes that morning so real to me every time I look at this photo. Warmth, after all, makes itself known in more ways than one.

One last thing before you leave a comment: Click on the image to bring up the high-resolution version. I practically want to eat the pancakes off of my screen. Go on, I'll wait.

Your turn: Can you tell us about a particularly perfect morning in your life? Beyond describing what it looked like, what did it feel like? How can a seemingly ordinary moment become so special, and so worth remembering?


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I love that this photograph represents such a special morning in the life of The Carm L. Family. The yummy smell of pancakes; your wife's expertise at making these pancakes; EVERYONE'S Anticipation about eating said pancakes....WONDERFUL, Carmi.

I really have to think about this one because Morning is NOT my best time, at all...So, for now I'll just say, I loved reading about your special family Breakfasts..!
I actually am here from Michele, but hadn't commented yet...I saw your announcement and Hurried Over! Thanks, my dear.

Jennifer said...

i am such a breakfast person and i love love love pancakes! yummy yummy yum! i just may have to make some tomorrow...

i had no idea your wife has a blog... it's the same template as mine! i love it!!!!!

jennypenny said...

omg you are so right about the high res pic. i have an insane craving for pancakes right now.... (there is a crashing sound as i drop the laptop and leave to go scour the cupboards)... ok i am back. No luck. I feel a late night 24 hour grocery store run coming on.

I personally can't remember any particuar special morning as I hate mornings but i do remember opening at the golf course at 4:30 am sitting on the porch all alone with a coffee watching the sunrise before the madness began.

Here from Michele's

Anonymous said...

There is a little restaurant around the corner from home called the Oxford Inn - they make great pancakes. A perfect morning is getting up and getting ready for a day at life or better yet school. Taking an hour out of the morning to have a great meal before classes. They serve breakfast all day, so anytime is a good time for breakfast!

The other perfect morning centers around a group of friends who used to gather on a Sunday morning for services then it was onto a fantabulous brunch on Lincoln Road on Miami Beach to take in the sun and people watch and to just "be together."


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest a little honey but once I clicked on the image I saw that it didn't need anything else. Not even blueberries! I like to wake up and go outside with my tea and see what's new in the garden.

Michele sent me.

kenju said...

Great photo, Carmi, and one of my favorite things to eat!

My favorite morning was the one on the day after we got married (which is exactly 42 years ago). Waking up and realizing I was a married woman, and the man next to me loved me enough to commit.

Michele sent me.

The Flamingess said...

Hmmm - a perfect breakfast morning memory. At my grandmothers - a cup of coffee, mostly milk - I can almost taste it, made me feel "so grown up". And my absolute favorite: bacon and peanut butter on toast.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm can I dive into that plate of pancakes? Pretty please?

Ah, a perfect morning.

I remember when I was still living in my parents' house, I'd wake up at around 9-10 am. I'd lay in bed, still hung over from last night's partying, and then, here's the beautiful part, I'd hear my Mom's beautiful piano-playing sound thruoghout the house. Baeutiful. I'd stay in bed just a little bit longer so I could just listen to her music with my eyes closed.

I don't live with my folks anymore, so I do miss this.

Carola said...

i used to really love going to my parents room early in the mornings when i was little. I'd be still half asleep but i'd snuggle in between them, and then my little brother would follow me in and do the same, and just the be lying there, waking up the day together, and then dad picking me and my bro up and putting us on his feet and stretching his legs out... it was nice... so this is going back well... at least 16 years...

and kids laughter, i hear it now and it brings a smile to my face... it just reminds me of what life is about!!!!

Karen said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Yum. That does look AMAZING! I'm so hungry right now! I think I'm going to make pancakes! Thanks for the idea.

Perfect morning? A great newspaper (not every day is a great read.) A great cup of coffee. Sunshine. Birds at my bird feeders and interesting people walking by with their dogs and such. Great morning.

Carmi, hope you're having another great morning today!

Michele sent me and I'm glad!

Anonymous said...

Those look delicious, way better than the bowl of cereal Im eating. :)

My perfect morning was the day after our wedding, I woke up in this huge canopy bed and we had an amazing breakfast brought to the room. How did I feel? Rested. Relaxed. Content. Happy.


srp said...

Sitting with my brother and daughter in the Botticelli Room in the Uffizi in Florence. The day is so hot, there have been blackouts and we are in the middle of one. No light but natural light. People walked through, pausing to look and then moving on quickly. Not us. We just sat there and took it all in. The massive size of the paintings, the wooden canvas, the colors, the details. I remember hearing Nyssa sigh deeply and say quietly, "They are soooooooo beautiful!" That one statement made the whole trip worth while.

Here from Michele.

srp said...

Back from Michele.

Now about these pancakes. Could you pass the melted butter and maple syrup please? Perhaps a thick slice of sizzling bacon and a side of scrambled eggs. Top it off with a Starbucks white chocolate mocha with a shot of almond and I will be set for the day.

Jennifer said...

guess what i made for breakfast????? yep but they looked nothing as good as yours!

Viamarie said...

I enjoy waking up every morning to the sound of chirping birds then after attending to my personal needs, I proceed to the dining table and join my grandson while he is eating his breakfast. After that, I assist him while he readies for school. After he leaves for school, I proceed to do my gardening chores then I'm off to work. Even if this is my daily routine, I still find it special.

Rene said...

The image of you in the kitchen with the camera hovering over the pancakes is pretty funny.

Um, this isn't a common occurance in my household but it has happened three times and I've struggled to find it again, knowing it is impossible to recapture. When I had my kids, there is this hour in the morning when the baby is asleep and it is completely quiet. Perhaps it is the rush of hormones, but there is such a euphoria during the period and it isn't something I can share with another. But I treasure it.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys ever eat pancakes for dinner? When I was a kid and my mom wasn't really in the mood to prepare dinner, she'd make us pancakes. We thought that was so much fun. I'm continuing that tradition.

I had a "perfect morning" last Saturday. Since it was my son's b'day, we went out for breakfast with my parents. (As of 4 months ago, we all live in the same town. Sometimes, I can hardly believe it.) I kept thinking about how grateful I am to have them nearby.

JoeinVegas said...

Yup, I was ready to pull out the butter and syrup. What equipment do you use to get such nice quality shots?

Hi, over from Michele's. I've visited before from your comments there.

JoeinVegas said...

Oh, perfect morning, forgot about that. Just about any morning that I don't have to go to work - yesterday, with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper, sitting on my back patio watching the birds in the feeder and just enjoying the relaxment.

MsT said...

Luscious photo. I've been craving blueberry pancakes for a week, maybe I need to make some!

I have a lot of perfect mornings, so I will leave you with an image from a favorite song of mine, Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell. "And the sun poured in like butterscotch/And stuck to all my senses/Oh won't you stay, we'll put on the day/And we'll talk in present tenses."

Sandy said...

My perfect morning?

We have no where to go. All four of us are home. Our ears feast on the sounds of little giggles. The air is filled with the smells of play-doh. We do nothing and yet we're full from doing the only thing that matters. It's a beautiful thing.

Those pancakes though -wow! Now I'm hungry!

Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

I LOVE PANCAKES . . . and waffles. I like getting my pancake syrup mixed all around in the rest of my breakfast too.

Young Lady said...

A perfect morning-
Sleeping in, waking up to hubby beside me, the house is quiet as the kids are sleeping in too, perfect temperature, not too cold, not too hot. The smell of coffee brewing, a radio playing in the background, the sunlight streaming through the windows as the blinds are being pulled up, peaceful.