Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quoted - Toronto Star's front page

Yesterday's big news in the world of tech was the proposed buyout of leading Canadian graphics company ATI Technologies by the major processor manufacturer AMD.

Tyler Hamilton's article - Our hi-tech firms just U.S. farm teams? - is on the front page of today's Toronto Star. It's above the fold, too! I shared my thoughts on the future tech firms in Canada - and got to wave the maple leaf flag a bit in the process.

Your turn: Are acquisitions like this a good or a bad thing? Why/why not?


Shephard said...

Acquisitions... I suppose it depends on how rabid the acquirer is. Monopolies and all that. Disney just acquired Pixar (my partner is a Disney Animator), but the strange thing is... head of Pixar is now running Disney Animation. So who acquiried who?
But it has been a blessing from square one, and the artists knew this immediately. :)

Jeff said...

Next Canadian tech player to go will be Cognos. You heard it here...after hearing it elsewhere no doubt, but that's my prediction.

Anonymous said...

It is really just a part of business, and smaller fish getting eaten up by bigger ones. As for Cognos - there have been rumours that IBM is going to pick them up. At the same time we've heard rumours about RIM for years now.