Sunday, July 09, 2006

Where Carmi and George Bush disagree

Some days, it's really cool being me.

As part of my day job - senior research analyst in the wonderful world of technology - I am often quoted in the media for my perspectives on technology and its impact on business. Some places contact me fairly regularly. The Chicago Daily Herald is one of my faves. This paper covers the full range of tech companies that are based in the Chicago area, including Motorola, Lucent and Tellabs, and I often get to go deep on some fascinating companies and issues.

Turns out the reporter with whom I often work, Anna Marie Kukec, was attending a press conference on Friday. President George W. Bush was presiding. That's cool enough.

Even cooler was that she got to ask the President a question. She wanted to know about the acquisition of Lucent by the French company, Alcatel - specifically, she asked about the national security implications of a major defence contractor being bought by a foreign firm.

Good question.

Bush responded by saying he was fine with it. The reporter contacted me for my perspective. I disagreed with Dubya, and I used the case of the proposed sale of a decontented F/A-22 Raptor fighter plane to foreign nations as the basis for my argument. (Yes, sometimes my sponge-like interest in useless trivia pays off.)

So in the end, I get quoted directly opposite the President of the United States - and I'm saying he's basically wrong.

The piece, Bush OK with foreign acquisitions of U.S. companies, can be found here. In total violation of every copyright law known to humankind, I'm pasting the text below because it'll be behind a subscriber wall within a week.

Your turn: How cool is that? Should I keep my eyes open for Secret Service visitors to my home?

Here's the piece:
Bush OK with foreign acquisitions of U.S. companies

Daily Herald Business Writer
Posted Saturday, July 08, 2006

When Lucent Technologies Inc. in March agreed to be acquired by Alcatel, the French company would get more than innovative technology.

Alcatel also would inherit several U.S. military contracts.

While the United States continues its war on terror in Iraq and elsewhere, Lucent is moving ahead with its merger and establish foreign roots.And such foreign acquisitions of U.S. companies with defense contracts doesn't worry President Bush.

"We have laws that prevent sensitive technologies from being transferred as a result of sale and or merger. And we watch that very carefully," Bush said Friday during a news conference at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

"On the broader scale, I have no problem with foreign capital buying U.S. companies; nor do I have a problem with U.S. companies buying foreign companies. That's what free trade is all about."

Bush said many Americans are already working here because of foreign investments.

"A foreign company takes a look at Illinois, they like the tax structure, they like the governance, they like the work force, and they invest," Bush said. "And when they invest, they create jobs. A lot of the jobs in America exist as a result of foreign companies investing here in our country. So I believe in opening markets."

However, some analysts believe Bush is dismissing too quickly the foreign ownership of U.S. companies. And the F/A-22 Raptor fighter aircraft is a prime example, said Carmi Levy, senior research analyst with Info-Tech Research Group.

"The stealth aircraft incorporates a range of revolutionary technologies which, in the hands of a foreign operator, would be beyond the control of the American firm, Lockheed-Martin, that originated them," said Levy. "It's an easy stretch to ask similar questions about the Lucent-Alcatel deal: namely, will American national interests be maintained through the course of foreign acquisition of American defense contractors?"

Bush should consider the national security ramifications of these types of acquisitions and establish some dialogue or policy to ensure that American response to similar deals in the future is fair, and balances the need to maintain security while allowing American businesses to seek out partnerships that let them continue to survive and thrive, Levy said.



Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

he was fine with the california ports being handled by the United Arab Emirates until the pressure was applied by public outrage

Mike said...

I think Bush has made many bad decisions. You have just shown further proof of his incompitence.

Her from Michele

Panthergirl said...

GO CARMI!!!!!! I'd post a "Where PG and Bush disagree" but it would exceed Bloggers character limit.

Of course the problem here is that YOU use logic and detailed knowledge, while Bush is running the government with an 8-ball or something. "All signs point to yes!"

Here via michele!

kenju said...

Since I have absolutely no confidence in the intelligence of Bush (personal or otherwise), I agree with you, Carmi. I think he will go down in history as one of the worst of the worst.

Michele sent me this time.

verniciousknids said...

Michele sent me to warn you that you won't be getting a home visit just yet...but you may be featured on the "Do Not Fly" list!

Jeff said...

I like the irony that Bush is for the foreign acquisition, while the foreign analyst has some concerns...

Anyway, it's too bad you're now on Dubaya's no-fly list, no more conference fun in the U.S. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Michele sent me.

I'm not concerned about it, when I was still in the military some measure were taken because of this sort of stuff The other frequently misunderstood thing is the assumption that our technology is so much better than everyone elses, frequently ours isn't as good, the advantage we have is an economic engine powerful enough to allow us to produce it.

From a business perspective it may very well come down to foreign ownership or no ownership because we've shrunk the military to the point of no longer providing the contracts to support the industry.

Sarie said...

Good morning Carmi. Michele sent me this time.

Anonymous said...

1. Look for men in dark suits with ear pieces wearing sunglasses at night.

2. Are there strange cars in your neighborhood

3. Are there any strange men on bicycles on your route to work, are there starnge cars with men with dark glasses and ear pieces following you to and from work?

4. Do you feel like you are being watched?

he he he

watch out for that D.O.H.S tapping your internet and phone line...

just some suggestions


Anonymous said...

He makes so many decisions that make me wonder where his mind really is.
You cannot preach homeland security and turn over important aspects such as ports, communications, etc., to foreign companies whose countries we seem always to be at odds with. The French and American relationships haven't been good in years and don't even get me started with Arabian interests.

Queen of Light and Joy said...

I like how he wraps the truth of his agenda up ... and when he finally takes hold of Iraq with his fake governement that he has implemented and scorges the country with his will and convinces americans that everything is good by throwing money at them so they'll forget what he REALLY did.
But to answer your question, yes I think you should be looking over your shoulder. Now what was that that he sais not to long ago? If your not with us then your with the terroists.

Oh yah Michele sent me.

jennypenny said...

That is so cool! You are a total superstar Carmi. Even just to be mentioned in an article like that is amazing but to also be so articulate.. way to go! And way to go too for speaking out against Bush on an issue you know about. I don't agree with just about anything Bush does but I hate it when people run thier mouths off about things they don't know anything about. You obviously do know what you are talking about. Refreshing.

Panthergirl said...

I'm back, via michele, and so pleased to see all the supportive comments. I swear, I think only about 2 people in the US still support Bush. Too bad he is such an embarrassment that we've sunk to an all-time low in the opinion of the rest of the world. :(

Note the clock in my sidebar, counting down the days, hours, minutes that he has left in office.

Lisa said...

Yay! I always knew you were a good guy, but this confirms it.

And just a note on disagreement in general... the world would be such a boring place if we ALL agreed on everything! :-)

Michele sent me today

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about the right person at the right place at the right time.

Shan said...

Fantastic, Carmi, that's impressive.

The Flamingess said...

So, what'cha BBQing?

The Flamingess said...

And Yes - your FBI file is definitely being moved to the top of the pile.

Sarie said...

Deck blogging ROCKS, Carmi!!!!

Yes, I need a life. This has been established *SIGH*.

Wireless is awesome, is it not?

yes, I'm sober. God, imagine me drunk blogging. Dayam. hahahahaha

Just eating ice cream. Not sure why as I'm freezing my tuchus off in this house. But hey, ice cream sounded good.

Anonymous said...

I have 100 and 1 disagreements with Bush...but nobody ever asks for my opinion! via michele.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to enough late night radio (coast to coast AM), and you talk to the right people in high places as I have over the last few years, the speculation of the One World Government arises in my thought space.

GWB is in hot water for many things we know of.

I have speculated with some I talk to about the fact that GWB has gotten himself into such hot water over the war that to get out of that situation someone would have to bail him out, namely the U.K. (Tony Blair)

It has been discussed that he's in so deep that he would have to pledge allegiance to someone other than Almighty God. And IF he did that the U.S. would become part of the British Empire or a One World System.

He has attempted to allign North America to one standard system of Identification, Immgration and Trade.

Canada has abstained from several of those alignments. Mexico is still vacillating on several fronts.

If another "aligned" country(ies) take over lucrative defense contracts from the U.S. that could give them a controlling stake in what happens next.

You get contract control and you bypass security to get into the main frame of war operations. And I think GWB would love to get someone into the HOTSEAT that he is sitting on now. (Someone or SOMEONES)...

The fact the GWB is relying on aligned countries to step up and "play ball" this might be a way to facilitate aligning "others" with him in awarding those defense contracts.

Once you get in the door all bets are off. Who knows what he'd agree to for domestic security and terrorism prevention? Namely the U.S. and by default Canada and Mexico, but we'd all have to agree on missile defense pressured by other alligned countries pressuring others to "join the club."

Bush is beginning to capitulate on several fronts and his understanding of all things "American and Legal" are being blurred in his vision.

Bring more players onto the playground and spread the control out to others, this only reinforces my thinking that a one world control apparatus is coming online.

Which could eventually end up where GWB is taken out of the drivers seat of power, so to speak, and control is spread to others heads of state through foreign investments in U.S. Contracts civil and government.

There is the exit strategy.

Take control away from the U.S. bit by bit, dismantle the infrastructure by allowing foreign investment and foreign minders and who gets a get out of jail free card? GWB.

Then the world can demand his head on a platter and a date at the Hague for war crimes against humanity.

This is my speculation on how I see things. This discussion began years ago when discussion of control of the Northwest Passage came up. And just who has "Listening stations" spread across the Arctic.

In order for the U.S. to claim sovereignty and control of the NW Passage, they would maybe attempt to get in bed with other countries and to do that they would have to award someone lucrative contracts and on a quid pro quo basis, they could stake a claim on areas that they want by virtue of the international control he has given others in future One World Domination.

I dont know if this makes any sense to you - it does to me.