Friday, July 13, 2007

Historic front porch

Iced tea, anyone?
London, ON, April 2007 [Click to enlarge]

An old veranda stands witness over the historic neighborhood, blending in perfectly with the trees and bushes that surround it.

Your turn: This house has just sold after being on the market for quite some time. What would a summer's evening on this porch look like? What kind of stories will the new owners be able to tell?


Thumper said...

A summer's eve on that porch would be spent sitting in rocking chairs with a little table between them, glasses filled to the brim with ice and sweet tea. The air would be alive with the sparkle of children laughing, and the grass would be trampled and worn in spots from where they play leap frog and Simon Says. The grownups don't have to talk, they simply lean back, listen to the chairs creaks, and soak in the wonder of the little ones playing before them.

Thumper said...

Oh! :::waves from Michele's:::


Michael K. Althouse said...

That porch has many stories to tell, and many more yet to be written. I can see the passing of not moments, but years. Children becoming parents becoming grandparents - all from the perspective of the humble, ageless porch.

Michele sent me,


awareness said...

The ball game is playing in the background on the radio.....summer breezes scented from the rose bushes waft through cooling the air after a long hazy day. Crickets are playing their song out in the garden, while everyone relxes in their favourite chairs. The little ones have found their spot on the porch hammock. Three of them, dressed in their summer jammies are tucked in together talking about their day at the beach.

Great shot. Fredericton is filled with wonderous porches like this.....and was thinking yesterday I should spent some time taking some shots of them....will try to do over the course of next week and post some.... :)

Anonymous said...

"Oh my. Oh my." she thought as she fanned herself and watched the young man across the way bounce the tennis ball against the sidewalk.


Nestor Family said...

Lovely shot. I LOVE front porches! I grew up on the main street of my little hometown... across from the park with a bandshell. All the parades went by our house. The porch was where all our friends would gather. Prom pictures were framed by the steps and gently peaked roof of the porch.

Porches are the first thing I look for on a house. The houses that have them seem more friendly somehow. I hope the new owners of this house learn from their porch... relaxation, nature, comradery with neighbors and passerbys. Lovely.

Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous picture. Reminds me somewhat of sitting on my grandma's porch when I was a little girl...those were the days :)

Anonymous said...

"Sitting on that balustrade with a book on my lap, I am lost in another world oblivious to all except for the gentle wind blowing my tresses."

No one sent me!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I'd imagine a rocking chair and a swing gently moving in the breeze. People talking and children playing.

I hope you have a good weekend.

Take care.

P.S. - Michele says "Hello!".

Anne said...

Hi, Michele sent me.

Nice porch, reminds me of a house my grandparents lived in back in the 60's.

shoeaddict said...

Hello Carmi! I'm from smalltown southern USA and my husband teases me because all I want in my "dream home" is a big front porch.

The front porch that welcomes family, friends and neighbors. The one with the big swing that we sit in with tall glasses of something cold (sweet tea) and talk about everything under the sun. Where we watch the kids play in the front yard, take pictures of them on their first days of school, prom and when they are off to college.

It's where I will go to be alone when I need a break from the noise. Where I will go to sit at night when I can't sleep or wait for the stragglers to come home for curfew.

It's where we will sit, holding artheritc hands, waiting for the family to come back to visit or just to sit and swing and drink our cold drinks.

Michele sent me to tell you that. Hope you have a great weekend

kenju said...

I grew up in houses with porches, although none quite so grand. I miss them. Sitting outside after dinner in the evening, with iced tea and cookies, gentle breezes caressing my skin......heavenly.

Bobkat said...

It looks like a great place to sit and watch the world go by, to sip tea, lemonade and sometimes cocktails :)

I really like this photo :)

Bobkat said...

Oops - Michele sent me this time - she obviously has good taste :)

Beverly said...

A lovely place to sit and think about the day, to read a book, to enjoy the sounds of the neighborhood. A lovely place.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo.
Stories? I can imagine a happy family of 4 sitting on a nice summer night gazing upon the stars while rocking on their swing. Maybe playing some kind of game like I spy or scrabble. and for sure, lots of laughs and giggles can be heard through the neighbours windows.

tommie said...

I would sit on the porch with my glass of wine....probably some cheese and crackers as well.. and hope that some would tell their friends of the 'new' bed and breakfast they pass on thier walk.

utenzi said...

Hi Carmi. Michele suggested I come over to your porch and keep you company. No mint juleps tho--just iced tea.

We've got lots of houses down here in the Southern US with porches like that. I have a porch, or maybe veranda would be more accurate, but mine isn't all that deep. Deep enough for a rocking chair facing front but not much more.

I'd envision the new owners having nice family time during the Summers--largely due to the television having mostly reruns. *sigh* And watching lightning bugs dart around at dusk.