Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Holding on
London, ON, July 2007 [Click to embiggen]

A trip to the park is never dull when you get to watch a boisterous six-year-old chase his older sister around the playground. He's a non-stop picture of happiness as he races from place to place, trying out everything and fearing nothing. There's a look on his face, an energy in the way he moves that I remember having when I was his age. Part of me thinks wistfully how nice it was to be so carefree.

Your turn: The carefree adult. Please discuss.


Anonymous said...

I brought out a little bottle of bubbles last week and went out to my patio to blow them into the air. I took photos (self-portraits) of this, of course!

It is very stress-relieving to blow bubbles, especially if a cat is trying to pop them.

Moon said...

I haven,t done enough carefree stuff lately, but my favorite, done yrs ago, was running in the rain barefoot..on a warm summer evening, while jumping in puddles and splashing the person I was with...(thought I was crazy, untill he got into enjoying it himself lol) just thinking about it, makes me want to do it again sometime.

Anna said...

How can you be an adult and not at least try to be carefree? It makes adulthood so much better if you can put the pressures of life where they need to go but still be able to have fun, play and laugh at yourself!

I try to be carefreee everyday! :)

Nestor Family said...

I agree with anna in that I think it takes effort to find carefree moments as an adult... but it is sure worth it when you do!

Kids/babies can help. Their energy penetrates in a priceless way, if you let it. Animals are very good at spreading their carefree nature, too.

When I ever need a moment to regroup and calm down and remember what life is about, I hug my children or pet my cat. It's amazing.

David Edward said...

i will, at times, be care free, but then something always catches up with me. still, this is a good season in my life. Much joy, little pain.

tommie said...

I try to be carefree....but I don't think I am pulling it off until I can truly be worry-free....Sometime around Jan 2008 I will be worry free.

talj said...

When did we become the 'stressed out adult'!?! I wish I could get to the carefree stage, that would be wonderful! As things are what I try to do is just keep smiling through my troubles...does that make me carefree?

Beautiful image Carmi, I love how you describe the things that happen in your day :o)

{{HUGS}} :o)

Jeremiah Andrews said...

I walked through Benny Park on my way to an appointment out at Benny Farm this afternoon - If it isn't an imposition on your space, I'd like to use your photo in my story I'm writing.


Rainbow dreams said...

It is far easier to be carefree with children around - as long as we look at the world through their eyes... and it can be good to just do things - I love skipping through the park with my daughter and being with my husband and son go karting through the woods.
We all have that inner child - sometimes it's good to let it go free....

KAYLEE said...


Lee Ann said...

There is a definite energy with the young and a sense of being carefree.
I remember years ago, my daughter was very young. We had been shopping (and I was on a fairly strict budget at the time).
She saw something that she wanted and asked so sweet and innocently..."Hey mommy, look at this, I would like this. Can you get it for me?" As much as I wanted to, I couldn't. I replied to her..."I can't today sweetie, I don't have the money". Without missing a beat, she said..."just write a check"!
How sweet and innocent is that? Kids, gotta love ' much!

kenju said...

Carmi, I've given you an award at my place. Come and see what it is.

kenju said...

You are welcome, Carmi. You are most deserving!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

Does the carefree adult excist? I guess we can be more carefree than we are.

For some reason, my thoughts have went back to my youth a lot recently. Just thinking about the simplicity of my life as an "eight year old" or 13 year old.

I do love being an adult though. I love the freedoms of being "independant", having my own apartment, own car. I'm able to do pretty much whatever I want.

I'm not always "content" with my life right now though. (wow, I'm being pretty transparent with you on here!)

I have a great life. Sometimes I just think back to when I was a kid and had all the time in the world. I wasn't necessarily reaching for anything, just "being" in "that" day. Playing outside and using my imagination. Time was my friend even though it didn't move as fast as I wanted it too at times ;)

Like I've said before, I'm my most happy when I'm being creative. When I get in that "R" mode (right brain) and forget about my problems and just focus on the creative task at hand.

By God's will and direction though, I believe life holds many more adventures and magic for me.

I like one of the lines in the movie "the Incredibles". As a small neighbor boy observed Mr. Incredible lift a car the day before, he anxiously awaited him to do something else great the next day. Mr. Incredible caught him watching him and asked the boy, "What are you waiting for?" The little boy replied, "I DON'T KNOW, SOMETHING AMAZING...I guess?"

At times, we're all waiting for something amazing.

Chelle said...

I spent some time last week with my almost 6 year old nephew and his 7 year old friend. I don't remember ever being as carefree as those two, but it sure is fun to watch.

The closest I come these days is when I'm paddling in my kayak.

MsT said...

Flip flops that light up, for me and my best friend. Spontanaeity. Singing while grocery shopping or doing errands. Changing plans at the last minute. Going barefoot when coming across an unexpected patch of grass (I live in the desert).